Sunday, November 5, 2017

"Witch at Odds" by Juliette Harper

This is book 2 in the Jinx Hamilton series/ 6 book box set. In this book, Jinx has been trying to find a way to free the spirits of the dead who are trapped within the boundary of the local cemetery. All she was trying to do was to allow them to leave the cemetery if they wished to do so. Unfortunately as she is still very new to using her magic, she managed to accidentally awaken and free all of the ghosts buried within the cemetery instead.

Now she is faced with a lot of very confused spirits, a number of whom refuse to believe that they are actually dead. This includes a corrupt former town mayor who promptly starts campaigning for the civil rights of the deceased and who apparently wants his former job back.

As if all of that isn’t bad enough, Jinx learns that one of the freed spirits belongs to an evil sorceress who is determined to find her descendants and restart her family line, using them to create more witches like herself. It is up to Jinx to find a way to undo the harm she has accidentally caused, though even her Aunt Fiona doesn’t know how to go about putting things right again.

I thought this was a well-written and enjoyable story. It was a bit slow getting started as the beginning seemed to be mostly a recap as to what happened in the first book, but I can understand the reasoning behind it. As it’s often a year or more between book release dates, adding a brief recap helps readers of the older books to keep from feeling lost when reading the later ones in the series. Unfortunately it does seem to slow down the beginning of the book a little, especially if you have just finished reading the previous book in the series..

I do greatly enjoy this author’s writing style. The remarks and comments that Jinx makes as asides to the reader are a highly entertaining part of the story. Without giving away the ending of the book, it is clear that before long some very interesting things will be happening.

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