Monday, January 30, 2023

"Sparks and Landmarks" by Trixie Silvertale

In Book 4 of the Mitzi Moon series, our heroine finds herself needing to prove her father's innocence in both an arson and a murder investigation, but it's not going to be easy as he appears to be the prime suspect. 

I know that I'm somewhat playing catch-up while reading this book as I've been reading this series rather out of order, but I really enjoyed this one. Several new characters were introduced in this book. Having read later books involving those characters, I was already aware of who they were and had a hint as to what was going to happen. But honestly, that did not detract from my enjoyment of reading this story. It did manage to fill in a few holes for me that I was missing from not having read the series in the proper order.

That all being said, I did enjoy reading this book. I would recommend reading them in order if you can, but even if, like me, you don't, I do still believe that you will enjoy this one. Mitzi is quite an amusing character and when I finish each of her adventures I find myself wanting to know what she'll get up to next. Now it's time for me to move on to reading book number 5 so that I can fill in a few more holes in my knowledge of what happens in this very entertaining series. 

Monday, January 23, 2023

"Their Amish Stepfather" by Samantha Price

Wilma and Levi have married and the two families are struggling to become one. But with so many things and expectations changing, life seems much harsher for the girls than it used to be. Levi has made many new rules that the girls don't like and his expectations for everyone are difficult for them to fulfill.

The two older married sisters that had moved away are each expecting their first child, as is Florence, though her family doesn't yet know about it. Can everyone find a way to put aside their differences and come together or will they be torn even further apart?

I enjoyed this 8th book in the Bonnet Sisters series. It was a quick read that left me feeling lighter in mood. This series always makes me smile. I think anyone who enjoys Amish romance, has enjoyed the previous books in this series, or who is just looking for a book to take their mind off things for a while should enjoy it as well.

Monday, January 16, 2023

"Keep Me Close" by JM Paquette

With a greater demon hunting her and a magical blade that everyone seems to be after in Sylvia's possession, of course now was the time that Theo's maker chooses to come to town wanting him back. And unable to refuse her call or her will, Theo leaves with his maker, leaving his companions and the demon Mr. Pilkington to protect Sylvia and to find a way to destroy the dagger. But Sylvia isn't ready to give up her vampire without a fight. Can she find a way to help him?

This was the third book in the Conjuring Fascination trilogy, and boy did it deliver. From the very beginning this book took us on quite a ride, with more than a few twists and turns along the way. It tugged on heartstrings and had me yearning for a happy ending that seemed impossible. I really want to say more about it, but I am afraid that in doing so I would give away too many spoilers. So please trust me when I say that this book is well worth reading and has more than a few surprises inside.

One thing I do need to mention is that this is not a book meant for younger readers. There is a fair amount of sex in this one. It is all very tastefully done and definitely part of the story. (With a book involving both demons and vampires, there was bound to be both sexual situations and some violence.) But it was all very well done. It just might not be appropriate for a younger audience.

Monday, January 9, 2023

"The Infinity Caverns" by Stuart Jaffe

 Roni helps out in a bookstore that is owned by her grandmother and 3 of her grandmother's closest friends. But there's so much more to it than that, as she learns when her date breaks into a locked area in the basement of the building. And down there, Darin finds himself in a world of trouble when he opens a book that sucks him into another world, almost taking everyone else with him. It seems that Roni's grandmother and friends were tasked with keeping their world safe from rips between worlds. And now they must both rescue Darin and once again save their world from destruction.

This was a fun book to read. I enjoyed watching Roni learn that her grandmother and friends are so much more than merely the four elderly people they seem to be. The story was very entertaining. Watching Roni come to terms with what to her is a new reality, I found captivating. I enjoyed the surprises and twists this story took. It’s not every day when four elderly persons are tasked with saving the world. Usually, that task seems to be left to the younger generations. But in this book, it definitely works.

If you enjoy paranormal fiction, urban fantasy,  or stories about trying to defend the world from threats from other realities then I think you'll enjoy this book. I'm looking forward to seeing where the next book in the series goes.

Monday, January 2, 2023

"A forgiving Heart for the Ranch Hand"
by Florence Linnington

Cindy left her home after her Father's death, leaving to marry a farmer that she had never met. When she arrived at the small town, she soon discovered that her husband-to-be was considerably older than she was, but with no other options left to her, they were married that same day.

And here is where this story takes a noticeably different turn than one might expect. For this is not simply a story of these two strangers making a life together and finding love. Instead, this book takes you down a different path. I don't want to give away what happens, though as you read the book it is possible to make an educated guess as to what happens. But it is this twist that truly captured my attention. And it was the following ones that held it.

If you enjoy mail order bride stories or any of Ms. Linington's other books, then I can almost guarantee that you will also enjoy this one. As with her other books, there are some tough moments that each of their characters must face, but you are pretty much certain to enjoy the happy ending that they always seem to find their way back to. But it is the getting there that makes this story so enjoyable.

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