Monday, September 14, 2020

"Fairytale: A Modern Fairytale Anthology"

This is a collection of fairytale retellings. But be warned, this is definitely not a collection of stories that is meant for a younger audience. Several of the tales contain rather explicit and detailed sexual encounters. As such, be warned that this book may not appeal to your tastes if you prefer the "fade to black" scenes that are often used in young adult stories. This is a collection of adult fairytales. 

 There are times when I prefer the young adult versions, but in this case I did enjoy reading all of the stories in this anthology, sex scenes and all. The stories were interesting as well as entertaining. I read and enjoyed each of the authors' unique takes on the fairytales they have recreated as their own. 

Some of the stories may someday become parts of larger tales about their chosen characters, and I think that if I come across them in the future, that I would enjoy seeing where else the author chooses to take the characters I read about here.

This is a book meant for those who enjoy more adult versions of the tales they may have heard as children or who enjoy a new twist on a familiar old tale from their childhood. If that describes you, I would recommend giving this collection of interesting stories a try

Monday, September 7, 2020

"The Perrault Vow" by Addie J. King

 Janie Grimm and her fiance Aiden are planning their wedding, which will take place at their house. As if that wasn't stressful enough, Janie & her housemate Mia are taking the Bar exam. And of course, a magical mystery in the form of a long ago hidden pair of glass slippers being left on the steps of their house, as if they were meant as a wedding gift, falls into their lap during the middle of it all.

This book centers around the tales of Charles Perrault, the french writer that many might more easily recognize under the name of Mother Goose. I grew up reading those tales, though the versions I read as a child were likely not as dark as the original tales.

In this book, Perrault was a human who had become aware of the dangers of many magical items & beings. He had gathered & hidden away as many such items as he could, including the glass slippers. So now Janie & her friends need to figure out how the shoes arrived at her door, who left them there, as well as what to do about all of it. Unfortunately, the one person who knows the truth of what took place back in those days is bound by a magical vow not to reveal the location of the hidden items.

I enjoyed reading this story. I have always enjoyed fairy tales and the many variations that I have been fortunate enough to come across over the years have always been entertaining. While this book may have been centered around the tale of Cinderella, it also included a number of other recognizable fairy tale references worked into the story.

Ms. King has succeeded in holding my interest in this book, as well as in the previous ones in the series. I would gladly return to read more of these books if she were to decide to continue on with the series, but given what is shared in the epilogue, I doubt that she currently has plans for this series to continue. 

If you enjoy reading twisted fairy tales or stories of the faerie realms, I do recommend giving this book, as well as the previous ones in the series a try. I found them all to be very enjoyable.

Monday, August 31, 2020

"Kitty Confidential" by Molly Fitz

 When trying to get an ancient coffeemaker in the office to work, Angie is accidentally electrocuted by it instead. When she awakes, she discovers that the cat who was there for the reading of his owner's will is sitting on her chest and complaining… and that she alone can understand everything he is saying.

Octo-Cat, as she soon starts calling him, tells her that his human had not died of natural causes, but had instead been murdered. Now he needs her to help him both prove that fact and to bring the killer to justice.

This was a fun little cozy mystery and a great introduction to the "Pet Whisperer P.I." series. Belonging to several cats myself, I enjoyed seeing Angie and Octo-Cat become acquainted & learn how to live with each other as they work together to find a killer.

The author did a great job of showing the true behavior of a cat at both his best and his worst, as well as how even someone who may claim to not really like the cat at first can rapidly realize that they do love the little fuzzball after all. (Just ask my husband, a man who at first merely tolerated my cats, but eventually came to be claimed as "her human" by one one of them.)

I enjoyed this book and will very definitely be continuing on and reading more of the books in this series. Recommended for anyone who enjoys cozy mysteries and fun cat tales.

Monday, August 24, 2020

"Andromeda's Reign"
by K.S. Haigwood & Anne Conley

In the beginning of this book, Andromeda has gone with Ace to train as an Alpha in Las Vegas. Her pack will be under the authority of her Beta for the next month while she is gone, though they can easily contact her should the need arise.

That month will be a difficult one with Andromeda fighting against the growing feelings she is feeling for Ace & trying to hold onto her love of the vampire (Pheonix). But is that even possible or will she wind up falling for Ace? And if she does, are any of those feelings real? After all, she and Ace seem to need to stay close enough to physically touch each other or they both suffer.

Like the first two books in this series, I enjoyed this one. Watching Andromeda learn more about herself as well as Ace, his pride, and what it means to be the Alpha of a group was something I greatly enjoyed. Like anyone else does in life, everyone in this story made mistakes. Whether those mistakes involved feelings or knowledge shared/kept secret, it made the characters all the more relatable.

I loved the ending and the surprise contained therein, but it feels like there is another book in the series that has yet to be written. (At least I'm assuming it has yet to be written as I couldn't yet find it on Amazon.)

And while yes, the ending did wrap up my questions from this book, it left me very much wanting to find out what will happen in the next one. I want to see how the characters will deal with the new challenges & difficulties that they were left with at the end of this book. Clearly, I'll just have to wait to see what happens once the next book comes out, and I will be waiting as patiently as I can.

Monday, August 17, 2020

"Burdened Mail Order Bride
and her Reserved Widower"
by Florence Linnington

Jane has not had an easy life. Raised in an orphanage and from there winding up homeless, marrying an abusive man, and once again finding herself about to be homeless after her husband died, she sought a way out as a mail order bride.

Unfortunately, it turned out the man who paid her way out west was not seeking a wife, but women he could trap into becoming saloon girls working for him and forcing them into selling their bodies to his customers. 

But luckily a kind piano player rescued Jane from this deceitful and cruel man bringing her to the nearby town of Evergreen where she could work at Cassidy's saloon, a place where the women were paid & treated well, and where they didn't sell themselves to the customers.

I enjoyed reading this story. Unlike in some of her other books, we were given the chance to see the ways many women who were unfortunate in how their lives had progressed sometimes were forced to resort to in order to support themselves when they didn't have a man to protect and care for them.  It showed us a sometimes darker side of the lives people were often forced into through a lack of other options available to them.

And yet, despite the harshness of life, as with her other stories, I had to believe that this story would have the happy ending that I have come to expect from Ms. Linnington's tales. This book did not disappoint me, though there were many twists and turns that Jane needed to overcome that some of Ms Linnington’s other characters have never needed to face.  

As with her other books, if you enjoy a good mail order bride tale, I would suggest giving this one a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Monday, August 10, 2020

"The Bunyan Barter" by Addie J King

Shortly before Thanksgiving, Janie Grimm and her housemates are awakened in the middle of the night by a very large man in a red flannel shirt chopping down the tree in her back yard while sobbing about someone having been taken. 

 After calming everyone down and realizing they are in no danger from their late night visitor, everyone returns inside to start up the coffee, breakfast, and call up the rest of the F.A.B.L.E.S. group to come and help solve the mysteries involved in this tale. 

 This book was centered around mainly American Legends and Tall tales. In this case Paul Bunyan's blue ox Babe has been kidnapped and someone is threatening to kill him if the apple heir is not brought to a meeting happening on the American Holiday. There's just one small problem… no one knows who the apple heir is, where exactly the exchange is supposed to take place, or what the real motive behind it all actually is. 

 This time around, we get to see & learn about a lot of those who are featured in American tall tales and legends. Most of the new characters encountered were ones that I had grown up hearing about, plus a few that were new to me. The ones that I was familiar with were portrayed much as I would have expected them to be, with enough extra personality added in so as to not have them come across as solely one dimensional characters. 

 I enjoyed this story, as well as the emotional conflicts that were happening as part of the secondary background tale, allowing us to see all the characters as fully developed individuals with problems of their own to deal with while they were busy trying to help solve magic and legend-based troubles. 

I believe that anyone who enjoys tall tales or stories of legendary historical figures will get a kick out of reading this one. I myself found it a very fun story to read and one that contains a great deal of emotion.

Monday, August 3, 2020

"Shadow of the Champion"
by Clara C. Johnson

After her adventure in “Rise of the Champion,” Serra was given the title of Champion of Adhelm and sent immediately on a mission to arrange a peace treaty with the Queen of Crelia. But as always, nothing is ever simple or goes as planned.

From the very beginning, Serra and her companions run into one problem after another, and at first it even seems as if they made the voyage from Sostar for nothing. But it appears that fate is finally on her side when an opportunity presents itself that could prove Serra's worth to the queen and maybe even give her a chance to accomplish her mission.

This story takes quite a number of unexpected twists along the way, sometimes helping Serra move forward on her task for the queen, and other times causing her to fall back several steps & almost needing to start over from scratch.

But each encounter, whether helpful or problematic for the characters, kept me reading and wanting to know what would happen next and whether or not Serra would be able to solve the queen's request and accomplish her mission, or whether they would have to return home unsuccessful in brokering peace between the two countries. (But don’t worry, I won’t spoil the ending for you.)

I think readers will enjoy this book, especially if they read and enjoyed the first book in the series. As in the first book, the author has woven a story that made me want to keep reading to find out what would happen next. I'm already looking forward to reading the author's next book to learn what will happen in the third book in this series as I have definitely been enjoying it so far.

Monday, July 27, 2020

"The Amish Bachelor" by Samantha Price

Isaac Fuller was content with his life as it was. He worked in his father's company and planned to take over from him someday. He had also been dating Mary Lou for the past two years. His life seemed pretty close to perfect.

But then one day he walked in to find a woman he didn't know sitting at his computer and doing his job. And then Mary Lou started pressuring him to set a wedding date… something he just wasn't ready to do yet.

This was an interesting and sweet Amish Romance tale. It starts out simple & deals with a man whose world is rapidly being turned upside down, seemingly all at once. Can he find a way to regain control of his life without making a bigger mess out of everything?

I enjoyed reading this book. While I was able to guess at most of what happened in the plot, I still enjoyed it. The story was well written and interesting. It was a nice relaxing weekend read. And it left me interested in reading more of the books in this series in the future.

Monday, July 20, 2020

"The Dead of Jerusalem Ridge" by Jean Rabe

This is the fourth book in the Piper Blackwell Mystery Series, and the first thing I need to say about it is: Wow! This book starts out with Piper crawling through a muddy forest tracking someone, and the action doesn't let up any from there.

As expected, there is a murder that Piper and her deputies need to solve, but there is also so much more happening. And in the middle of everything else, Piper finds herself dealing with the awful after-effects of what was supposed to be a harmless paintball game with friends that wound up going horribly wrong. And it left her trying to figure out what exactly had happened. It was a question that weighed heavily on her mind, haunting her memories in a way that she just couldn’t let go of without some understanding of what actually went so wrong that day.

I love how Ms. Rabe gives us such full, well rounded characters and isn't afraid to show them dealing with a good number of very personal issues while still managing to keep the story on track, as well as keeping her readers drawn completely into trying to figure out who committed the murder and why.

As always, her book was very well written and practically impossible to put down so that I could sleep at night. (The ending even left me with a smile.) If you enjoy reading mysteries, I highly recommend giving this one (and the whole series) a try. You really won't regret it.

Monday, July 13, 2020

“The Gender Secret” by Bella Forrest

This was the sequel to “The Gender Game”

Violet has been set up to be used as a pawn by both the Matrian and the Patrian societies. She is being blamed for the murder of the Matrian Queen as well as the attack on the Patrian King. As such, it seems that both societies are now after her and the egg that she had successfully retrieved. Why this egg is so important even she doesn’t know, but it seems that both sides desperately want it and are more than willing to kill her to acquire it.

On top of that, Viggo is left to believe that she has betrayed and tried to kill him as well. So when the Patrian King makes him an offer to go find and retrieve her, is it any surprise that he would agree to join the hunt for the girl he had been falling for?

I really enjoyed reading this book and had a very difficult time putting it down to sleep at night. I have been totally hooked on this series and can’t wait to see where it goes after the end of this book and what we learned within it. (There is definitely much more going on here than first appears, but I won’t spoil that surprise for you.)

Monday, July 6, 2020

"Shamed Mail Order Bride and Her
Ex Outlaw" by Florence Linnington

Odette was used to living in luxury & getting everything she wanted. But suddenly she was told by her parents that she would wed Mr. Hawthorne, a boorish self-made man whose only apparent redeeming factor was that he was rich. It was a marriage that did not appeal to Odette’s image of how her life was meant to unfold, but it seemed that she was to have no say in the matter.

Odette cannot bring herself to accept this mannerless man as her fiance despite her parents’ wishes, and runs off to the town of Evergreen to marry a farmer, believing that anything had to be better than being forced to wed Mr. Hawthorne. But is she truly prepared for the harsh reality of what life in a small Wyoming town is really like?

Once again Ms. Linnington has written an enjoyable tale about two people starting out as strangers who appear completely unsuited for each other can come together, embracing those same differences to slowly discover a true and honest love.

Even though I know when starting to read a new one of her stories that things will end happily , I enjoy seeing how the characters overcome their challenges along the way to discovering their happiness together. And in this case, both Odette and Wyatt have a number of obstacles between them. Seeing how they get through it all is what makes me enjoy their story.

"Midnight Moonrising" by
K.S. Haigwood & Anne Conley

As if learning she was a werewolf, that her husband had been the pack Alpha, and that because she had killed him she was now the Alpha wasn't enough, Mena has been having a mental battle with her wolf. A battle that she appears to be losing by the fact that her wolf has been able to take control of Mena's body almost whenever she wants, regardless of what Mena desires.

It doesn't help that Mena loves a vampire by the name of Pheonix, but her wolf can't stand him and instead wants Alex, the detective who is trying to find the person who murdered Mena's husband. Being mortal, the detective is unaware of the existence of werewolves, vampires, or witches & must not be told the truth. Add to that the fact that some of her pack have rebelled & do not want Mena to be their Alpha, and there seems to be more than enough trouble for her to overcome in this book. But honestly, that's just the beginning. From there the hits just keep coming.

I liked this book a lot. It was fast paced and kept throwing surprise after surprise at me as I read. Parts of the book could have used another round of editing, but the story more than made up for that. But do be warned that this is not a story meant for younger readers as some of the details are a bit graphic.

I enjoyed the twists this story took & am looking forward to seeing where the authors will take this story next. I will definitely be continuing on by reading the next book in this series.

Monday, June 29, 2020

"Dream Angel" by Jo Wilde

Every few years, Stephanie (Stevie)'s mom would suddenly up & move the two of them from one tiny town in the middle of nowhere to another one somewhere else that was equally as remote, and where they would have to start out all over yet again. This time it had happened on her birthday, with her mother whisking her away from the few friends she had made without even a real chance to say goodbye.

But this is where things started getting weird. In the expected small town in New Orleans where they wound up, Stevie became friends with an older woman who could speak with the dead. There were also the usual "frenemies" in her new school, as well as a boy who may not be what he seemed.

There was a lot going on in this book. The plot twists started almost from page one and kept coming all the way through to the end. And every time I thought I had something figured out, I soon learned that I was wrong.

I liked the way that the author included a bit of southern slang when the appropriate characters were speaking. It added another level to the writing in the story that I appreciated. I do, however, wish that the book had undergone another round with an editor as it would have cleaned up a lot of the other issues I encountered.

Overall though, I did enjoy reading this book. As I mentioned above, the plot twists kept me guessing as to what was about to happen and the true motives of the characters all the way to the end of the book. And to tell the truth, I'm still not entirely certain that I really understand what was happening in the end. I think that I'm going to need to read the next book in the series to actually grasp the truth behind all the twists as well as to see what will happen next.

Monday, June 22, 2020

"Residuum: Ghosts of Southampton (Book 2)" by I.D. Johnson

This was the conclusion to Meg and Charlie's story. After almost losing the chance to find love with each other, they had both survived the Titanic's sinking and Meg’s introduction to Charlie's family. Life has not been easy for them, and became less so after having barely survived the Titanic. Now, they need to survive their engagement party and let the world know that Meg was still alive. After that, they will need to deal with Meg's past before they can face a new future together.

Like the previous two stories in this series, I greatly enjoyed reading this book. The author did a very good job of letting us see into the heads of her characters as they came to grips with what they have lived through and find a way to deal with the trauma that was left behind.

Each of the books in this series were very hard to put down at night. These stories are ones that I think anyone who has enjoyed the rest of the books in this series will also want to read.

One small warning, however, part of the trauma that one of the characters must deal with involves her having grown up in an abusive home. While I don't believe there was anything graphically described in this book, the reader should be aware that dealing with being a trauma survivor is one of the themes of this book.

In my opinion, it is a story that is well worth reading.

Monday, June 15, 2020

"To End All Wars" by David Tallerman

In the middle of WWI, Forrester is leading a raid against the German army. It doesn't seem to be going well for him, and after calling for a retreat back to their side of the front, Forrester is hit by a bullet in the leg.

While struggling to make it back alive, there is an unusual light in the night sky. After that, everyone he stumbles across on both sides of the front appears to be sleeping. Gas masks didn't protect from the effect, and Forrester isn't able to wake any of the sleeping soldiers.

When found by his fellow soldiers, Forrester is quickly taken to a recovery center, where he quickly realizes that something is not right. He is constantly locked in his room & kept isolated from the other patients in the house. And then the instances where everyone around him falls into an unwakeable slumber start happening. Clearly there is more going on than he is being told about. But what is it?

This was a fascinating story. The farther I read, the more the story pulled me in. There is so much more going on here than just a tale of WWI, and while I would like to delve more into what is happening, I don't want to give away what is clearly a major plot point of the story.

There is a cost to war that goes beyond the toll it takes upon a person, but when something happens that could possibly end not just the one battle, but potentially stop all wars, is there any price that would be too high to be worth no more wars? And who gets to decide what is right or wrong? And also, who would be willing or able to stand up and do what is right, no matter the cost?

This story really made me think. After all, is there too high a cost for peace? And when is one being's suffering worth the cost or is it too high of a price to be paid? These are only some of the questions that this story made me think about. I found it to be a well written tale & one that I am glad that I had the opportunity to read. I believe that others will too. Recommended.

Monday, June 8, 2020

"Wonderland Woes" by Addie J King

First they received donuts with the phrase "EAT ME" written in frosting on them, then a bottle of wine with the phrase "drink me" showed up, then there's a white rabbit in the yard. What's next?

It seems that a trip to Wonderland is likely the next destination for Janie and her friends and family. But why? What is going on in Wonderland that is about to require their help. And exactly how similar or different are the rules of Wonderland from the realm of faerie that they are already familiar with?

As a long time fan of fairy tales I was highly entertained by this story and the very unique spin that the author placed on a story that many have likely read (or who watched the Disney Animated Movie) as children.

I enjoyed the author's take on the familiar characters and her descriptions of what has likely happened in Wonderland since Alice had first visited there oh so many years before. All the outrageous characters I expected to see appeared in this story in often unexpected ways.

As with her other books in this series that I have read so far, I enjoyed this one as well. It was great fun to see the familiar characters grow and watch how they dealt with new and unexpected challenges. If you enjoyed her previous books in this series, you should enjoy reading this one too.

Monday, June 1, 2020

"Big Beautiful Mail Order Bride
and her Lost Man" by Florence Linnington

Rosalind's father has recently passed away, leaving her with his rather large gambling debt to pay off. Unfortunately, as he had gambled away any savings they may have once had, she has no way to do so, though one of the debt collectors seems to be interested in making a bargain for her virtue in exchange for the debt payments.

Unwilling to accept such an offer, she attempts to find another option as a mail order bride. To her pleasant surprise, a man named Cassidy is looking for a woman to marry, and almost immediately Rosalind flees from her home seeking the hope of a new life, even if she isn't exactly what Cassidy is likely expecting to show up.on his doorstep.

I've said it before, I enjoy Ms. Linnington's stories. She always provides us with interesting characters that seem like they may never connect, often due to one or both of them hiding something important about their past. In this case, Cassidy had not mentioned that he has a son or anything else about his past, and Rosalind's picture in the catalogue was extremely out of date from her current appearance. And of course, there was also the unpaid debt that she ran away from.

Watching the two of them getting to know and trust each other, as well as seeing how Rosalind learns to connect with Casey's son Dillon, a boy who at first resents the idea of another woman replacing the mother he never knew, was also entertaining.

Ms. Linnington is very good at delivering interesting and inspirational stories of couples coming together, often having to learn how to trust again, and eventually (despite all obstacles in the way) finding love. I have always enjoyed that I can count on her to provide me with a happy ending, no matter what may come first. And in this book, as with her others, she once again does not disappoint. It was a fun and inspirational tale that I most definitely enjoyed reading.

Monday, May 25, 2020

"Titanic: Ghosts of Southampton Book 1"
by I.D. Johnson

Charlie and Meg have been betrothed for a while, but they have never met in person. Though she was born to a wealthy family, after her father's death Meg's life has never been easy. When the opportunity for her to run away from everything arrives, she escapes with her lady's maid/best friend & their family aboard the Titanic's maiden voyage.

But again, nothing is ever simple. Meg and her chosen family soon run into Charlie aboard the ship. But as he has never met Meg in person, he doesn't realize that the woman he met among the third class passengers and has begun to fall in love with was in reality his fiancee.

As with the prequel, this book grabbed my interest & held on tight. We got to learn much more about Meg's life as she grew up, and I feel that I need to warn anyone triggered by either child abuse or sexual abuse about this book. While it is not graphically described, it is made quite clear what has been happening to Meg for years. And as in the prequel, this is a very important part of the story and is not something that could be left out.

This story was well crafted. I particularly liked the portrayal of the historical characters that were known to be aboard the Titanic's maiden voyage as well as the fictional characters created for this story. The personalities of everyone came through very clearly. I particularly enjoyed seeing the character of history’s famous Molly Brown shine through so clearly. All in all, this book was well worth reading. I honestly couldn't put this book down! Recommended.

Monday, May 18, 2020

"The Andersen Ancestry" by Addie J. King

Janie and her best friend Mia are once again beset by strange things happening to them. This time, it seems that the Sea Witch has escaped from the fairylands and is determined to take her revenge on the descendants of Hans Christian Andersen. Her first target appears to be Mia, though why, neither of them is really certain as Hans Christian Andersen never had any children.

This was a fun story, especially for those who grew up loving old fairy tales as I did. Ms. King has written a fascinating story involving not only the characters from her previous book, but introducing us to others who look to become important in future stories within this series. She also managed to weave in a variety of tales and characters from many of Hans Christian Andersen's stories in unique and interesting ways.

I enjoyed reading this book & learning more little tidbits about Hans Christian Andersen than I had previously known. (If you’re like me, you probably grew up watching the AMC musical about Hans Christian Andersen. I know I still love watching it whenever it is on & find myself singing along with the characters on the TV. ) It was a fun story and kept me entertained throughout while watching Janie & Mia deal with the Sea Witch and her curses, as well as the other problems that always seem to come up as they are trying to solve the big problem in front of them.

I'm looking forward to continuing on with this series and discovering what the focus of the next book will be. If you enjoy twisted fairy tales, I would definitely recommend giving this series a try as Ms. King has done a fantastic job of incorporating in a number of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales into this story.

Monday, May 11, 2020

“Accepting the Moon" by K.S. Haigwood

After Mena confronts her husband of 12 years about his cheating on her, and after a very loud argument during which he strikes her, Mena flees from him. She doesn't know where she's going, only that she needs to escape. In her attempt to get away from her husband, she encounters a man by the name of Jaxon, who isn't what he appears to be any more than Mena's husband was.

And now she needs to deal with not only the fact that her husband was cheating on her, but that his attack has left her to deal with a good deal more after-effects than one would normally expect. Her life is never going to be anything close to what it had once been ever again, and she must learn to navigate the new world she has suddenly found herself thrust into.

I enjoyed reading this short prequel story. It was well written and quite enjoyable to read. (I finished it in one sitting.) This paranormal fiction tale grabbed and held my interest all the way through. I can't wait to see what will happen with the supernatural tribes involved in this story and will definitely be continuing to read the rest of this series.

This was a great starter story for this series. I think anyone who is looking for something involving werewolves & other paranormal beings will enjoy it. I know I did.

Monday, May 4, 2020

"The Flower of Chivalry" by Scott Telek

The story of King Arthur and his knights of the round table has fascinated readers for ages. This book is no exception. This is the fourth book in this series and begins strong & I felt finished even stronger. I had a very hard time putting it down to sleep at night!

In this book we get to learn what Arthur's childhood was like. It begins with both Arthur & Kay as infants being raised by Sir Ector and his wife. We are shown how the boys grew & we are given great insight into both their character as young children and what likely caused them to grow into the men they are destined to become.

Reading this book left little doubt in my mind as to why, as they grew, that they came to make the choices they made, all while clearly letting us see the differences in their personalities and why those differences existed that explains so much about each of them and their differences, despite being raised as brothers.

We get to see what lessons they learned along the way to turn them into the legendary knights that almost everyone is at least somewhat familiar with. We also see many of the other characters who will become central to this story before most of them will have truly ventured far on their journeys in life.

Most of us can guess as to one of the major events at the end of this book, though I won't give you the specifics of what happens in this review as each version of this legend is spun a little differently by each author who takes the task of telling it upon themselves.

What I will say is that this is one that you really don't want to miss out on reading. The story told is well written and very enjoyable. It is well worth the time spent reading it and you won’t want to put it down. I am very definitely looking forward to the next book in this series. Highly Recommended.

Monday, April 27, 2020

"Limped Mail Order Bride
and her Dejected Cowboy"
by Florence Linnington.

Cora knows it is time to make her own way in the world & that her parents can no longer continue to support her, though she knew they would try to if she stayed. So when she gets an offer of marriage from a man out west, she accepts it and leaves to marry a man she has never met.

She knows he has aspirations of becoming town mayor, and as such he needs a beautiful bride by his side when that happens. It is because of this fact that he does not care about the severe limp that so many other men had rejected her over. But shortly after meeting him, everything falls apart when he suddenly loses everything & can no longer afford to get married.

Cora had met only one person in town, and desperate with nowhere else to go, she makes her way to Ogoe Ranch in the hopes that Rachel and her family might need some help and provide her with a place to stay.

I enjoyed reading this book just as much as I have the rest of Ms. Linnington's books. The story was a heartwarming one about learning to accept yourself as you are and learning that the faults you see in yourself might not be even noticed by those around you.

Not only Cora, but a Ranch hand named Derek must learn these lessons before either of them can hope to find any sort of happiness in either of their lives. The question is, will they be able to do so?

As always with her stories, this is a well-written tale about finding a way to overcome our own self-created obstacles. And like her previous books, I enjoy knowing that I can expect a happy ending no matter what difficulties the characters must overcome to get there.

Monday, April 20, 2020

"Prelude: Ghosts of Southampton"
by I. D. Johnson

Meg's father has realized that his wife has been trying to get rid of him and has taken steps to protect his young daughter and to arrange for her future. He makes an agreement with a good friend and business associate for Meg to marry the other man's son once they have both come of age. In the event of his death, his will leaves control of his business to Meg's husband, though her uncle will continue to run things until then.

And while Meg's life should have been one of extreme privilege and comfort, unfortunately it was anything but happy. Readers should be warned that Meg is abused by her uncle from a very young age. While this is not graphically depicted in the story, it is clear what has been happening to her and may be a trigger point for some readers. But this is an important plot point in the story and leads to actions taken by the characters in this, and likely the next, book in this series. As such, it cannot be ignored.

As described by the title, this book was the prequel to the novel "Titanic." While it may not be absolutely necessary to read this book to fully understand the story in the next book, I believe it gives us an important insight into the characters' motivations. I believe reading this book will enhance the experience of reading the rest of this series.

Monday, April 13, 2020

"Choosing Sides" by Karen Meyer

Gilbert Freeman is a young man who is unhappy with his current life. His mother has passed away and he always seems to be at odds with his father lately. Gilbert really wants to return and finish his schooling, but his father needs him to stay and work full time with him on the farm.

Things keep getting more and more tense between the two of them, until one night Gilbert decides to leave the farm behind and move to Westerville and find his own way in the world.

This was a book that I truly enjoyed reading. It takes place in Central Ohio, near the area where I currently live, so while the specific locations mentioned may no longer be present, the towns mentioned still are.

The story in this book is based on a few events that occurred during the temperance movement in the 1800s in Ohio. I found this story to be well written. It drew me in and made me want to keep reading to see what would happen to Gilbert and to see where he would end up once all was said and done.

One of the things that I enjoyed most in this book were the author notes at the end of the story. I loved not only having had the chance to enjoy her tale, but getting the chance to learn about the historical events that inspired it. I would recommend reading this one, especially if historically inspired stories interest you as they do me.

Monday, April 6, 2020

“Ditch Lane Diaries Collection: Books 1-4”
by D.F. Jones

Today’s review is of a 4 book box set. I read each of the books in the series and have reviewed them for you separately so that should you prefer to read the books individually, my review might appeal more than simply one where all the books may have been reviewed together as one.

One thing to be aware of, each of the books in this collection do contain some scenes that may not be appropriate for younger readers.

"Ditch Lane Diaries Collection: Ruby's Choice"

Ruby's Choice is the first book in the Ditch Lane Diaries Collection. In this book, we learn the beginnings of where and how the girls first received their gifts. Ruby, the girl that the first book focuses on, has dreams of the future.

In this book we also meet Reed & Brent. Ruby is attracted to both of them, but discovers that Brent is being tormented by a demon. Can anything be done to help free Brent from his tormentor?

I enjoyed this book a great deal. It was set in the 1970s and the author did an excellent job of giving her tale a distinct 1970s feel. The slang used by the characters and other descriptions really made me feel like I was back in the 1970s that I had grown up in. The author really did an amazing job in setting the atmosphere for the series.

"Ditch Lane Diaries Collection: Anna's way"

This was the story of Anna, another of the girls who had found a secret cave and received a gem and special powers. Anna's power was the ability to heal almost any injury or illness. She could not always prevent death, but a desire to learn how to heal with medicine and science, as well as her gift sent her to medical school in Florida. But can her relationship with Jerry survive their separation? A separation made more difficult by another woman who wants Jerry to be hers instead.

This story starts in the 1970s and continues into the 1980s. I enjoyed the feel of the time period that clearly comes through in Ms. Jones writing. The story is well told and very entertaining, as well as well-edited/proofread.

"Ditch Lane Diaries Collection: Sandy's Story"

As mentioned in the title, this is primarily Sandy's story. It explains why Sandy's family moved to Tennessee when she was young and shows us how the group first met and became friends. It also lets us know more about how Sandy's power of Clairvoyance works.

Sandy's connection with her guardian angel has always been closer and more open than that of the rest of the Campbell Ridge group and their angels. And while this has often proved to be a good thing, it does present its own problems. Can Sandy & Baldric find a way to overcome these challenges and find their happy ending, or are they doomed before they ever had a chance?

Like the other two books, this one was very well-written and well-edited. What I've read so far has been a joy to read & definitely gives me plenty of reasons to continue reading this series.

"Lee's Lesson: warrior Angel"

This was the fourth book in the series, though it goes back to before the other three books were set, and begins with Lee’s family in the 1950s It explains how everything related to the Chosen/hybrids began. As one reads through the book, there is necessarily some overlap in the storylines of this book and the first three in the series. I definitely appreciated all the added details each book gives us in order to flesh out the series and each character's stories as a whole.

One thing to be aware of, each of the books in this collection do contain some scenes that may not be appropriate for younger readers.

Each story in this collection has been wonderfully written and are very enjoyable and entertaining. While it did take me some time to get through all 4 books in this collection one right after the other, I did enjoy reading all of them. The author did a fantastic job with making each book feel appropriate to the time period in which it was set. Recommended.

Monday, March 30, 2020

“Half-Deaf Mail Order Bride
and her Heartfelt Pastor”
by Florence Linnington

Elizabeth's mother had been ill for a long time before she’d passed away, and with no money left to pay the rent, Elizabeth was now facing being thrown out onto the street. When she received the letter from the Pastor of a town called Evergreen, it was a lifeline that she desperately needed.

But will her fears and secrets destroy her chance at happiness? She had been told that the local tribes had killed her father, and true or not, she will have to overcome her prejudices regarding the town’s native population if she is to have any hope of surviving here. And then there's the woman who decides that she wants the pastor for herself and sets out to end the relationship between Joshua and Elizabeth before they even get the chance to know anything about each other.

I enjoyed this book as much as I have Ms. Linnington’s other books. The version I read did contain a number of typos, but having discussed them with the author, I have no doubt that they will have been corrected before publication day.

I always enjoy seeing the character development in Ms. Linnington's books. She always does an excellent job of portraying her character’s emotions and allowing us to watch them grow as individuals as they overcome various challenges in their lives.

Ms. Linnington’s books always seem to have a happy ending and always leave me in a wonderful mood. In a time of great stress, her books are sure to leave you smiling. Recommended.

Monday, March 23, 2020

“Fading Petals” by Nadiyah Muhaimin

Rue’s father left when she was young, and the only mother she has ever known tried to kill her when she turned 16. But Rue survived the attack and was sent to The Institute to recover. Things only get stranger from that point. Rue falls in love with a Tear Rabbit soldier, but true love is something he is forbidden from experiencing and will be punished for if it is discovered that he has honestly fallen in love, and is not just lusting for or fascinated with any woman.

This was a very well written book, though I was left uncertain if “The Institute” was a medical hospital, a mental hospital, or a combination of both. A number of the other patients that Rue meets seem to be a combination of the two. And with the doctors performing “treatments” on their patients to try and cure them, many of my questions in that regard remained unanswered.

I’m also not really certain how to classify this tale. Parts of it made me feel like I was reading some sort of fairy tale. Other parts were more of an adventure or a fantasy story. And I’m not entirely certain that I truly understood everything that was going on in this tale. And yet, I do know that I did enjoy reading it a great deal. I have never read anything like this story before. And while, as I said, I’m not exactly certain how to describe it to others, it was something that I enjoyed and would be interested in reading the sequel in order to find out how Rue’s story will end.

It may seem strange to hear me saying that I enjoyed reading a story that I’m not sure I really understood, but I truly did. I am looking forward to reading book 2 as well. Hopefully it will clear up some of my confusion, but even if not, I expect that it will still be an enjoyable read.

Monday, March 16, 2020

“The Witches of Hant Hallow:
Jonathan’s Curse" by D.F. Jones

Hant Hallow has a number of supernatural beings residing there, among them are witches who follow both the light and the dark ways, vampires, werewolves, and others. Generally, the humans are entirely unaware of the existence of these beings, but sometimes, the magical beings are more noticeable. And in the past, this has sometimes brought down the wrath of some and led to hangings of witches by those who fear them.

Jasmine is growing tired of hiding in plain sight, and begins to fall for a human when he saves her from a group of boys who were throwing stones and attacking her. Thus began a friendship that her mother, who follows the darker ways of the witches, will not tolerate. She curses Johathan, forcing him to live in a mirror universe away from all his friends and family as well as stealing the human woman that he loves from him. Jasmine begins a very long quest to help him break the curse and regain his life and hopefully to find love again.

This was an interesting story about the power of love and friendship, as well as showing the harm that can come even to oneself when you seek to control or bend others to your will. Children grow and eventually seek independence from their elders, but what happens when their elders aren’t willing to let them find their own way?

I enjoyed this book. It was a fairly quick read and I found it very entertaining. I think others will also enjoy reading it too.

Monday, March 9, 2020

"The Crossing" by Jo Wilde

When teenager Micky is sent to live with her father and grandfather in Louisiana, her whole world seems to take a strange turn. She loves living with her father (she’d hated the man who had married her mother. They would likely never find a way to get along.) But small town life as opposed to living in a big city in New York was only part of the changes she would have to deal with.

In her first week at the high school, she runs afoul of the local "mean girls" and soon discovers that she has been chosen by, is expected to become the mate of a vampire, and the beginning of the transformation to make her his has been forced upon her. Talk about a rough first week in a new school! How does one deal with learning they are becoming a vampire? And can she discover a way to stop it before it is too late?

I enjoyed reading this book. It was an interesting young adult vampire story that touched upon a number of themes that do affect teenagers today. The main character did not willingly choose to drink the vampire’s blood that was forced upon her, which is something that I could easily see happening at almost any teenage party involving drinking in the world today. And her responses were very realistic given the situation she found herself in.

I do feel that the book could have used another round with an editor/proofreader to smooth out some of the typos, but the story was still worth reading and quite enjoyable despite the errors I ran across. I was glad that I took the time to read it.

Friday, March 6, 2020

"Rise of the Champion:
The Champion Series Book One"
by Clara C Johnson

Serra, a young human woman, traveling with Finn, the Dwarven man who had found and raised her after her family had been killed, have just arrived in Adhelm. They are currently working as smugglers, though they have dreams of a better life someday.

Adhelm is a busy town, and many of those living there are elven slaves. Serra often has a difficult time staying uninvolved when she sees anyone being mistreated for any reason; her kind heart often gets both her and Finn in trouble with those in authority. But things truly get interesting when her actions lead to the freeing of a slave whom she rescued from a public flogging. And this is only the beginning of her story.

I enjoyed reading this book a great deal. The author did an excellent job of portraying those who have been so beaten down and abused to the point where they have little will to resist and little hope left for a better life. But still, some just can't help but resist the oppression of their whole species and continue to fight for freedom.

The version of the book that I read was an early Advanced Reader Copy. The story was well put together and held my interest throughout. I spoke with the author about the typos I noticed, and have no doubt that she will have them corrected before publication day.

I enjoyed reading the tale she wove and am looking forward to seeing where she takes the story in the sequel. I would recommend giving this one a try.

Monday, March 2, 2020

“The Grimm Legacy” by Addie J. King

Janie Grimm is getting ready to start law school. Her father had passed away from cancer not too long ago, but at least she had been able to tell him that she had been accepted prior to his passing. Her stepmother had agreed to pay her tuition costs, though part of that agreement included a weekly brunch together. Janie has kept her end of the deal, despite not always getting along very well with Evangeline.

But recently some very strange things have begun happening around Janie. She meets a talking frog who seems to be determined to stay near her, and then her hair began to suddenly grow as if she were Rapunzel. And those weren’t the only strange things that have started happening around her either. It was as if the fairy tales that most children grow up hearing were suddenly coming to life and congregating around her.

My daughter and I met this author at a book signing in Ohio. At the time, neither of us had yet had a chance to read any of her books, but after talking to her we wound up buying this whole series. So far I’ve only read this one, but I did greatly enjoy it. (I had a very hard time putting it down at night rather than trying to read straight through to the end of the book!)

It was a very unique twist on Grimm’s fairy tales. In this case, it focuses on a young woman who was descended from the Grimm family, and had been previously unaware of some of the problems and surprises that her heritage might wind up sending her way. After all, while the Grimm’s tales (or at least the versions mostly read to younger children these days) may have happy endings, there is much that happens in them that was not always so pleasant for the characters.

Ms. King has found a unique and enjoyable way to twist the story of the Grimm family legacy and entertain us all. I will be continuing to read more once I manage to download the next book in the series onto my kindle. Recommended.

Monday, February 24, 2020

“Pregnant Mail Order Bride
and her Brave Sheriff”
by Florence Linnington

After Kateri’s abusive husband died, everything they had owned was claimed by others in order to pay off his gambling debts. Kateri had pretty much given up all hope for the future when the letter from the Sheriff of Evergreen arrived. He had seen her ad in a mail order bride catalogue and written her. She took the little she had & left the next morning on the long train ride to meet him. But even that trip turned out to be more difficult than she had hoped. Her native american heritage often made her a target for abuse, and this trip was no exception.

Christopher, the Sheriff of Evergreen, a unique town where both native american and white settlers lived in harmony, working together to make everyone’s lives better, was glad that Kateri had answered his letter and traveled out to join him. He had been heartbroken and lonely for too long before he met her. His attraction to her was pretty much immediate, but will they be able to get beyond each of their own insecurities and other issues? And when a number of other large problems spring up, will it all be too much for the two of them to be able to find their way together or will it cause them to go their separate ways?

This was another entertaining and interesting tale by Ms. Linnington. She is an excellent storyteller and I have enjoyed each of her books a great deal and this one is no exception. She has a wonderful way with showing how her characters deal with their pasts (or sometimes try not to deal with them), and how they find a way to move beyond those problems and find a new future, despite whatever issues they started out with.

Her tales are hopeful stories about how people can overcome the problems of their pasts and build new and better futures. One of the things I enjoy about her tales is that while I know they will most likely have a happy ending, the journey in getting there is often difficult without being unreasonable in either the problems or the solutions they find. While I can predict that the story will have a happy ending, it is the getting to that happy ending that I always enjoy reading.

Monday, February 17, 2020

"The Wicked Stepmother" by Ashley Beale

This was an interesting and enjoyable twist on the familiar Cinderella story. While most of us are familiar with the tale of Cinderella, this one is told from the perspective of the “wicked stepmother.” It was fascinating to see what turned her from a kind and loving woman into someone who was only concerned about herself and the future of her own two daughters. Had things happened differently, I could easily see her as someone who might have grown to be more caring and understanding of her stepdaughter. Under different circumstances, she might even have come to appreciate and care for her as she obviously does her own children. But things being as they were, I can understand what it was that caused her to become so bitter towards the girl who she saw as the reason her life had not gone as planned.

While I loved the story, I do wish it had gone through another round or two with an editor. The book was clearly spell-checked, but quite often the wrong, but correctly spelled word was used instead of the one that was supposed to be there. Also, there were some sex scenes contained within the story that might make it a bit inappropriate for younger readers.

Friday, February 14, 2020

“The Fairy Tale Bride” by Emma Ashwood

Bella was very young when her parents were killed in a fire that had been accidentally started by her uncle. She didn’t remember how the fire had started, only that it had taken the lives of both of her parents. Her uncle’s family took her in, but she grew up as more of a household servant than as a member of their family.

Her life was never easy, and then her uncle ran into some questionable businessmen who convinced him that he could solve several of their money problems by “selling” Bella as a mail order bride and sending her to marry a rancher in Montana whether she wanted to go or not.

This was a very quick read and I finished it in one sitting. I enjoy reading mail order bride stories, and this was a fun one. It was not quite Cinderella, but the similarities between the two were there and easy to notice for anyone looking. The book could have used a little more proofreading, but was still a very enjoyable tale.

Overall, I enjoyed the story and would gladly read more books by this author in the future.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Perfectly Poisoned Anthologies Presents: Asylum

This was a fascinating collection of stories that took place inside the Barrow Haven Asylum. While the majority of the residents seemed to come from upper class families and were often placed there by their families for a number of reasons, (one possible example: to hide an inconvenient pregnancy.) Some of the residents did have more serious problems. One common diagnosis for women was “hysteria.” Hysteria appears to have been a sort of catch-all diagnosis for pretty much any sort of behavior considered inappropriate by a husband or other family member, thus requiring a person to be hidden away from society until such behavior could be appropriately “corrected.”

Treatments were often cruel and quite painful. In today’s world, such “treatments” would more appropriately be called torture but were considered both normal and appropriate given the time period and the circumstances. While there were those working within the Asylum who honestly sought only to help and cure those placed within their care, there appeared to be just as many who seemed to relish the opportunity to hurt their charges. Clearly, if one had to be hidden away in an Asylum such as this one was, it paid to be among those in the wealthier class. They were generally better treated and able to afford much nicer rooms and more privileges.

I enjoyed reading about the many different men & women who resided within Barrow Haven, and I believe others will also enjoy the variety of tales told by the various authors who have participated in this collection. I know I was fascinated by the number of different reasons a man or woman could be confined in an institution such as Barrow Haven. Some were willingly residing there, while others had been forcibly confined for any number or reasons by their families

A few of the stories may be a touch more adult oriented than would be appropriate for younger readers, but then in general I don't believe this to be a collection intended for younger audiences.

Monday, February 3, 2020

“Valentine Eliza” by Katie Wyatt
(Frontier Valentine Romance Series)

Eliza and her son had lived with her brother and his wife after the death of her first husband. But lately things had become extremely uncomfortable for her there. Her brother’s wife could not have children and decided that she wanted to raise Eliza’s son as her own. A marriage was arranged for Eliza, expecting that she would agree to marry the abusive man chosen for her and leave her son Tom behind.

Unwilling to do either of those things, Eliza accepted a marriage proposal from the Sheriff of Far Water Grove and fled her brother’s house in the middle of the night with her son. A part of her feared what she would find there, but anything had to be better than being forced into an abusive marriage and losing her son.

This was a very quick, easy read. I finished the book in one sitting. The story was quite sweet and had only minimal typos in the book. I enjoyed reading it, but there was one thing I would have liked to know more about. The author refers to those having fought or who were fighting in the war. I am assuming she was referring to the civil war, though it was not made clear. I would have liked to know for certain whether or not that was the war she was talking about. I also would have been interested in knowing which side the characters had fought on.

Monday, January 27, 2020

“Lost Girl” by Chanda Hahn

In a secret facility, children are being experimented upon in the hopes to give them powers that will make them grow into superior soldiers. But some of the scientists in charge have come to realize that this facility is not something they want to be a part of when the current generation is ruled a failure and plans are made to start all over after destroying their “failed” experiments. Unwilling to be a part of something that will kill innocent children, a few of the scientists decide to help as many as possible escape from the Neverland facility.

Wendy has no memory of her previous life at Neverland, she only knows that she has night terrors and nightmares that she doesn’t understand. She also sees shadows that don’t behave the way that shadows should, though no one else seems to see these things and often believe that she is hallucinating or even a bit crazy. But the truth is that she isn’t crazy or hallucinating. So what is really going on, and why can’t she remember anything of her life from before she met the people who eventually adopted her?

I really enjoyed this story. It was a very unique twist on the Peter Pan story. I loved how all the familiar characters were involved, from Captain Hook and S.Mee to Slightly and all the other lost boys.

I was greatly amused at the role that J.M. Barrie played in the story. I am very glad that I picked this one up to read and will continue on with the rest of the series to find out what will happen next in this retelling. I truly enjoyed the twist that the author took in writing this tale, and how she made it all seem to be something that could take place in the “real” world. Recommended.

Monday, January 20, 2020

“The Gender Game” by Bella Forest

Set in a future where humanity has almost destroyed itself, the people have split into two separate societies. On one side of the river was the Kingdom that was designed and ruled by men. Women who are born in or chose to move to Patrus had no rights. They were little more than the property of their husbands or fathers. Women who broke the law in Patrus, even unintentionally, were often executed by hanging.

On the other side of the river was the Queendom designed and ruled by women. Much of each society was similar, save that in Matrus, it was the men who had no rights. If they failed their testing at the age of 8, boys were sent to the mines and forced into a life of hard labor. Criminals in Matrus were also executed, though they were killed by injection rather than at the end of a rope.

After her brother failed his testing, Violet often found herself in trouble and grew up in “Juvenile Facilities” working off her time in repetitive and mind-numbing tasks. If she could stay out of trouble, she would eventually be reintegrated into Matrus’ society. Unfortunately, trouble always seemed to find her. After her latest infraction, she expected to be killed, but instead was recruited for a task that if successful, would be of great assistance to her country. If she succeeded, she was even promised a reunion with her brother. She simply had to retrieve an item stolen by Patrus that was of great import to Matrus without anyone from Patrus realizing she had been sent from Matrus after it.

This was a very interesting story that has been sitting on my kindle waiting for me to have a chance to read it. I really enjoyed it, and am very curious as to what will happen in the next book in the series. While this one doesn’t exactly end on a cliffhanger, it is near enough to one that I feel almost compelled to continue on immediately with book 2 so that I can find out if Violet is able to be reunited with her brother, or if there is more going on in these two countries than even those living there are aware of. This story was well worth my time to read. I am only sorry I waited so long to get around to it!

Monday, January 13, 2020

"Mail Order Bride's Baby
and her One-Arm Indian" by
Florence Linnington

When Mr. Wilson at the Orphanage Rachel had grown up in & currently was teaching at began to have rather roaming hands and making other threats, she knew it was well past time for her to find a new home. She had placed an ad in a mail order bride catalogue and had been exchanging letters with a farmer by the name of Motega. His proposal came at the perfect time to allow her to escape unmolested.

But just as she was leaving, a baby was brought to the orphanage. The orphanage did not have the ability to accept and care for an infant. Unwilling to abandon a child in need, Rachel decided to take the baby with her and hope that the farmer she was about to meet would accept both of them.

What she didn't know was that he was an Indian. As were so many white settlers of the time, Rachel was not ready to be the bride of someone so completely different from herself.They needed each other in order to be able to survive through the harvest and beyond, but could they come to accept each other as well as their different ways of doing things? And what about the prejudices of the townsfolk? That alone could easily be enough to destroy any hope of a new life, let alone one in which they might find their way together.

This was a fascinating story of how even those who think themselves so completely different can come together and find that maybe there is more to a person than how they first appear. I enjoyed seeing many of the characters in this story, including but not limited to Rachel and Motega, learn this lesson.

I believe Ms. Linnington's story ideas continue to improve and develop in depth and complexity, while still retaining the sweetness that first drew me to enjoy reading them. I look forward to reading her next tale.

Friday, January 10, 2020

"Daughter of Time" by Sarah Woodbury
Narrated by Laurell Schroder

I found this to be an interesting audiobook to listen to. Meg and her daughter find themselves in a car crash, except that instead of waking and finding themselves in a damaged car, they found themselves far in the past in medieval Wales. Uncertain if they will be stuck in the past or might someday find a way to return, Meg and her daughter must learn to survive and thrive in Prince Llwellyn’s household.

How does one find wind up starting in a car crash in Pennsylvania only to wake up in a castle in Medieval Wales, surrounded by people who have always lived there? Meg has no idea if she and her daughter will ever find a way to return to where she came from. And then she finds herself falling in love with the medieval Prince of Wales.

I enjoyed listening to this story. The Narrator did a very good job (as far as I could tell since I don’t speak Welsh) with pronouncing the names of the characters from both time periods. It was not at all difficult to tell from her narration which character she happened to be portraying at the time.

All in all, I enjoyed the story as well as the narration and will be looking for the next book in the series, (This was a prequel to the series and made for a fun little introduction to a series I had not previously had the chance to enjoy.) I will look for the next book in the series to see where the story goes next, Though whether I will wind up reading it on my kindle or listening to the audio version remains to be determined.

Monday, January 6, 2020

“Night (Hero Society Book 4)”
by Jessica Florence

In the 4th book in the Super Hero Society series, Esme’s twin brother Eli lay dying of Leukemia. She has the power to heal him, but each time she uses her abilities leaves her own life is shortened in exchange. Eli refuses to allow her to save his life at the expense of her own. And though it breaks her heart to do so, she honors his wishes and allows the leukemia to end his life.

Years Later, Esme is working as a nurse. She has befriended the Hero Society and often helps them out when they need medical aid, though she hasn’t shared the knowledge of her own abilities with them.

One of the doctors at the hospital, Dr. Dorian seems to enjoy tormenting Esme for some reason. He often appears to take great pleasure in simply driving her to distraction. And while he claims to have no interest in her, eventually the two do become intimate, seeking pleasure from each other’s bodies without emotional attachment. At least that is what they keep telling themselves. But what happens when one of them starts to feel something more?

Like the rest of the series, this book captured my interest and held it until the end. It was a very fast read for me as I did not want to put the book down! Also like the others, it is also not really appropriate for younger readers due to the sexual language and encounters in the book. While not graphically detailed experiences, they are still a bit more than is meant for younger audiences.

I enjoyed this book as well as this series. It hooked me and kept me coming back for more. I believe others will enjoy it as well. I’m very glad I gave this series a chance. I believe others will be too.

Friday, January 3, 2020

"The Bargain: a Short Story"
by Clara C. Johnson

This was an interesting little YA short story about a young woman whose family is going through a very difficult time. Her mother is extremely ill, her father is working himself far too hard to try and make ends meet, and Ada has had to leave school, giving up her dream of becoming a teacher in order to help take care of her younger siblings.

And when her father is fired from his job, things turn desperate. If something doesn't change soon, the family will starve within a few weeks That's when a fairy comes to Ada and takes her to meet her master who has an offer for Ada. Her decision could save or doom her family. But either way, her life will never be the same again.

I enjoyed this short little tale. It really makes you stop and think, did Ada make the right choice? Or did she really even have any choice at all? I thought it was an interesting little tale and fun to read.

"Fairytale: A Modern Fairytale Anthology"

This is a collection of fairytale retellings. But be warned, this is definitely not a collection of stories that is meant for a younger a...