Monday, April 25, 2022

“Wolf’s Pregnant Bride”
written by Jane B. Night,
narrated by Gerri Green

After finding herself pregnant a few months after a ball that she’d attended, an American girl visiting England with her father found herself in the unhappy position of learning that the child’s father had been married shortly after getting her pregnant. And her father was demanding that they make things right, thus forcing Nathaniel, the younger brother of the man who had conceived the child, and Sophronia to be wed immediately in order to avoid a scandal. Clearly neither one of them was happy about the situation, but there appeared to be no other option open to them. (It should also be noted that neither Sophronia nor apparently the brother who impregnated her seem to remember the act itself. She didn’t even know she was pregnant until the child started moving within her.)

It wasn’t until after the birth of her daughter that Sophronia learned that she had married into a family of werewolves and that her daughter would grow up to be one as well. Terrified and not knowing what else to do, Sophronia ran away and boarded a ship bound for America with intent of returning to her parents' home. But other problems got in the way, and now she knows there is something else that she must accomplish before she can return to her husband and daughter.

I discovered this book after purchasing a program for a children’s play we attended & decided to purchase the audiobook version to review. The author is local to the area and it piqued my curiosity as I’d never heard of her or this series before. 

Listening to the audiobook, I would guess that the narrator is British. She did a decent job creating unique voices for the characters, but something about the way she handled the American southern accent of Sophronia and later several other American characters just grated on my nerves, though I can’t really explain why. As for the characters and the story, there were a number of questions that I had, a few of which appeared to be explained, others just left for us to wonder about. 

This is definitely a book that is not appropriate for younger readers, as it does contain some rather graphically detailed sex between the two main characters. Also, some listeners might take offense at the language used when referring to various females in the story, and while some of those terms may turn out to be justified, others do not. But at the same time, I believe that it was possible that the author was using those terms as a means of depicting werewolf attitudes about many things rather than as an intended insult.

Overall, I’m not entirely sure what my opinion on this book is. I also haven’t decided whether or not to continue on with the next in the series. So on this one, you’ll just have to decide for yourselves if it sounds like something you might or might not enjoy.

Monday, April 18, 2022

"Secret Beast" by Amelia Wilde

Kaley's father is an inventor. He's been trying to find someone to invest in his ideas for years with no luck. But this time Leo Morelli and he signed a contract. Unfortunately, signing a deal with a Morelli will likely get Haley's father killed. (Reputation is highly important to the other members of the Constantine family, and they have had an ongoing feud with the Morelli family for a very long time. It is not permitted for a member of the Constantine family to work with rather than against a member of the Morelli family.) So Haley meets with Leo to try and get her father out of the contract. Unfortunately, the only thing she has to offer in exchange is herself.

I bought this book thinking it was a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, which it was, I just hadn't expected it to be borderline erotica as well. This book is definitely not for younger readers. It is very explicit with very graphic sexual details. Erotica is not really something that interests me, and as this book was described as steamy rather than as erotica, I hadn’t expected quite what it turned out to be.

Given the circumstances of the deal Haley is forced to make, Leo Morelli has complete and total access to her body for one month. And if she refuses to do anything he demands, her father will be forced to honor a contract that will cost him everything. So while not exactly rape, I still consider it to be sexual abuse given the circumstances and the actions taken within the story. Not really something I enjoy.

The writer does have talent, so if this is the type of book you enjoy reading, then you will likely enjoy it more than I did. The story was well written, but it had far too much explicitly graphic sex for my tastes. But be warned… it does end on a cliffhanger. And as much as a part of me does want to know how the character's story ends, erotica (or borderline erotica) just isn't something I enjoy reading. So I don't plan on picking up the rest of this series.

Monday, April 11, 2022

"Blood Bound"
written by Patricia Briggs,
narrated by Lorelei King

Mercy Thompson owes the vampire Stephan a favor. He requests that she accompany him in her coyote form and wearing a harness while pretending to be his pet, on what was supposed to be a simple assignment to meet with a new vampire in the territory and find out why he hadn't followed Hive protocols by notifying the local vampire queen of his visit. Unfortunately, it turns out to be anything but a simple mission and things definitely go about as wrong as is possible.

A demon-ridden sorcerer turned newly made vampire in town is bad enough, but add in a heat wave & werewolves barely able to maintain control, causes Mercy to have to team up with the vampires in an attempt to hunt him down and kill the sorcerer. A hard enough task for anyone under the best of circumstances. And currently, things are about as far from normal as they can get.

I listened to this as an audiobook rather than reading the printed version and enjoyed it just as much as the previous book in the series. The story held my interest through to the end and the narrator did just as fantastic of a job as she did for book one. I enjoyed listening to it and look forward to the chance to read (or listen to) book three in this series.

I believe that anyone who enjoyed the previous book will not be disappointed with this one. And I believe whether you choose to read it or listen to it isn't important. It's just as good in either format.

Monday, April 4, 2022

"Heists and Poltergeists" by Trixie Silvertale

In this, the 18th book of the Mitzy Moon series, it is Mitzy's birthday. She hasn't had a good birthday since her mom died, but her Ghostma is determined to make this one memorable. While Mitzy does her best to not give away the fact that she knows the others are throwing her a surprise party, she finds herself in the middle of a robbery over at the bank. 

You might think that simply trying to find a way to make sure that everyone makes it out unharmed aa well as finding a way to help the ghosts who have been stuck in the bank from a botched robbery in the 1970s would be enough for one book, but in the leadup to the birthday party, we are taken on a trip down memory lane through Mitzy's previous adventures in Pin Cherry Harbor.

I enjoyed reading this book, though as I've been reading them somewhat out of order, I haven't yet caught up on some of the books describing Mitzy's earlier adventures. And while it in no way lessened my enjoyment of this book, I believe I would have appreciated it even more had I already read the adventures referenced in this one. (I’m still working my way through the ones I missed so far, and I do intend to read the whole series.)

But all in all, like the others I have read in this series so far, this is also a book that I believe anyone who enjoys cozy mysteries, the other books in the Mitzy Moon series, or are simply looking for something fun to read will enjoy this book.

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