Monday, March 12, 2018

"The Four Powers" by J.A. Cummings

This book creates it’s own unique fantasy world with just about every type of magic imaginable as well as a great variety of races and creatures. It all starts off with a lightning bolt crashing down and cracking open a mountainside. No one knows what has caused this to happen, but it is almost certainly going to mean trouble for everyone. Requests are sent for help to all four quarters of the planet, as help from each of the four main tribes will be needed.

The four elemental powers had once been combined to create a lodestone. When that power nearly destroyed the planet, the gods intervened and once again separated the elements and declared that never again must a lodestone be allowed to exist. The towers dedicated to each elemental power were placed in the far corners of the planet in an attempt to keep anyone from ever again reuniting those elements into a lodestone. Now, the oracles are saying that the dragons are seeking to gain control of those powers so that they may create their own lodestone and take control. They must be stopped. This is an epic level adventure in a completely original world setting.

I truly enjoyed reading this story. The author tells the tale from the perspective of the main character, a bard named Pedar. I found his talking to the reader as the storyteller reciting a tale to his audience truly fun and captivating. I loved reading this book and believe that others will too. My only complaint would be that there seems to have been some formatting trouble, most likely from when the book was converted to a kindle file. Those problems were primarily found in the table of contents and were mostly related to the design/layout of the TOC. There were a few slight issues elsewhere, but I doubt that the average reader will even notice them. They in no way hindered my enjoyment or ease of reading this book. (Trust me, if they did I wouldn’t hesitate to say so.) I hope you will give this one I try. It was a very interesting and unique story with an original style that I don’t often see in books. I consider this one definitely worth reading.

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