Saturday, May 12, 2018

"Witch on First" by Juliette Harper

Having survived their fight with a Creavit witch, Jinx and Tory thought things would settle down for while. Boy were they wrong. Their Aos si mentor/teacher seems to be missing important things happening around her and not sensing things that she should be noticing. A mysterious chess set been delivered to their coffee shop as an anonymous gift. It is a beautiful set that no one seems to want to touch, yet in the mornings the pieces have been rearranged in a different pattern than when the shop closed the night before.

A dead body is found on the bench outside their shop one morning, The dead man was a familiar face around town and It seems that he was killed in a manner meant to imitate a mountain lion’s attach. His death did not happen outside the shop, but was positioned there with a dagger pinning a note to his chest. It appears that someone is trying to send them a message, though who or exactly why remains to be seen.

This was book 4 in the Jinx Hamilton series. Like the previous books, I enjoyed reading this one a great deal. My copy was from the 6 book box set, though the book is also available individually. Ms. Harper writes a fascinating tale involving mystery, magic, and all sorts of mayhem. It was a lot of fun to read, and the emotions displayed by the characters felt very realistic. Like the other books in the series, I have enjoyed reading this one and am looking forward to continuing on with this series. It is definitely becoming one of my favorite fantasy/mystery series thus far.

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