Thursday, July 12, 2018

"Incursion: A novel of the O.C.L.D."
by Aaron Rosenberg

Special Agents R.C. Hayes and Danika “Nick” Frome have been sent to Pablo, Montana to work on a case in involving a number of deaths on the Reservation lands. Three men have been killed so far, each one shot though the throat with hand-made arrows. All three bodies were found in the same area of the woods, and the only footprints found nearby are too long and thin to be human.

Things get more interesting when they come across an illegal logging operation near the site of the deaths. The facts they have found so far just aren’t adding up. Something unusual is definitely happening here. Can the two FBI agents solve this case before more are killed in the woods?

I enjoyed this story. I got to learn a little about the supernatural creatures and the local Native American tribesmen involved in this tale. The story that the author told kept me quite interested in finding out what was happening and why. It was a very enjoyable paranormal thriller that I think most people will enjoy as well. I would recommend giving it a try.

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