Monday, August 27, 2018

"Millard Fillmore,
Master of Steam: Episodes 1-4"
by Robert E. Vardeman

Millard Fillmore had been President of the United States when the White House was destroyed in an explosion. Having survived, he has been blamed for the deaths of those caught in the explosion and is being hunted down by a man seeking revenge as Millard tries to find the one being who can prove his innocence.

This book was different than the books I have previously reviewed in that rather than being written as one continuous story, it reads as if it were an old television serial. (If any of you are familiar with an old show called the “Perils of Pauline,” that’s what the manner in which this story is told brings to my mind.) I quite enjoyed the style, complete with brief advertisements as if this was printed in a magazine. The ads as well as the story episodes were all very entertaining and fun to read.

The steampunk nature of the book worked very well with this style of storytelling. And after the 4th adventure the author has thrown in a bonus story that was just as much fun to read as the 4 episodes of the Millard Fillmore portion of the book. I would recommend this one as I found it to be a fun break from a lot of my usual reading material. I will have to look for more books in this series at some point. As I said, it was fun to read and I can only assume that if there are more of them that they will also be just as entertaining.

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