Friday, November 23, 2018

"The Abused Bride
and her Impulsive Rancher"
by Florence Linnington

Ellen had spent years married to Toby. He had seemed absolutely wonderful when they first married, but her life with him steadily became a nightmare. On the night she fled from him, he robbed her family’s bank leaving them with nothing. And since he was the one who had sold her parents the insurance policy on the bank, was it any real surprise to learn that he was in reality a scam artist and a thief? With nothing left but her family, including two younger siblings and both parents who needed assistance, what was Ellen to do?

In order to gain a divorce from her criminal husband, who has fled to parts unknown, Ellen must place an advertisement in the newspaper for 90 days announcing her desire for a divorce and giving Toby the opportunity to refuse it. Given that he is wanted by the law, it is unlikely that he will respond to her advertisement and that after the 90 days have passed her divorce will automatically be granted, but what will Ellen and her family do to survive in the meantime? As a woman her options are limited, and the only solution that seems to hold any promise is to become a mail-order bride.

I really enjoyed reading this book. Ellen comes across as very realistic and you can see the challenges she faces in trying to not only survive and support her family, but in trusting any man or even her own judgement ever again. After all, Toby had seemed the most wonderful of men when they first met and started courting, but her life with him had quickly turned into a nightmare. If she had been so wrong about him, what are the chances that Axel, the man who answered her mail-order bride ad, is truly any different? Can she really trust him? Can she once again learn to trust herself? And when his secrets come out (for everyone including Ellen has secrets) will she be saved or hurt even more than she was with Toby?

I think this is one of the best mail-order bride books that I have read thus far. I loved the story, the characters, and the twists that pop up in this tale. If you enjoy reading mail-order bride stories, I strongly recommend reading this one.

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