Monday, August 26, 2019

"Mail Order Bride's Baby
and her Mismatched Rancher"
by Florence Linnington

Abby Hustley was ready to give up her life as a singer to accept a proposal from Sam Sayler, a man who owned a ranch in Colorado. What she didn’t know was that the mail order bride agency had mixed up her photo and story with someone else’s information. So when she arrived with her infant son Teddy, it was quite a shock to the man who most definitely did not want a family. To say he handled the news poorly was an understatement.

As always Ms. Linnington has written a very interesting tale of how two people who have never met can come together and possibly find love… if they can both overcome a number of obstacles that seem destined to drive them apart.

I have enjoyed each of Ms. Linnington’s stories that I have read thus far. They are all well written and very entertaining, and this one is certainly no exception. I expect that anyone who, like me, enjoys a good mail order bride romance, will also enjoy this story.

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