Monday, January 13, 2020

"Mail Order Bride's Baby
and her One-Arm Indian" by
Florence Linnington

When Mr. Wilson at the Orphanage Rachel had grown up in & currently was teaching at began to have rather roaming hands and making other threats, she knew it was well past time for her to find a new home. She had placed an ad in a mail order bride catalogue and had been exchanging letters with a farmer by the name of Motega. His proposal came at the perfect time to allow her to escape unmolested.

But just as she was leaving, a baby was brought to the orphanage. The orphanage did not have the ability to accept and care for an infant. Unwilling to abandon a child in need, Rachel decided to take the baby with her and hope that the farmer she was about to meet would accept both of them.

What she didn't know was that he was an Indian. As were so many white settlers of the time, Rachel was not ready to be the bride of someone so completely different from herself.They needed each other in order to be able to survive through the harvest and beyond, but could they come to accept each other as well as their different ways of doing things? And what about the prejudices of the townsfolk? That alone could easily be enough to destroy any hope of a new life, let alone one in which they might find their way together.

This was a fascinating story of how even those who think themselves so completely different can come together and find that maybe there is more to a person than how they first appear. I enjoyed seeing many of the characters in this story, including but not limited to Rachel and Motega, learn this lesson.

I believe Ms. Linnington's story ideas continue to improve and develop in depth and complexity, while still retaining the sweetness that first drew me to enjoy reading them. I look forward to reading her next tale.

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