Monday, February 17, 2020

"The Wicked Stepmother" by Ashley Beale

This was an interesting and enjoyable twist on the familiar Cinderella story. While most of us are familiar with the tale of Cinderella, this one is told from the perspective of the “wicked stepmother.” It was fascinating to see what turned her from a kind and loving woman into someone who was only concerned about herself and the future of her own two daughters. Had things happened differently, I could easily see her as someone who might have grown to be more caring and understanding of her stepdaughter. Under different circumstances, she might even have come to appreciate and care for her as she obviously does her own children. But things being as they were, I can understand what it was that caused her to become so bitter towards the girl who she saw as the reason her life had not gone as planned.

While I loved the story, I do wish it had gone through another round or two with an editor. The book was clearly spell-checked, but quite often the wrong, but correctly spelled word was used instead of the one that was supposed to be there. Also, there were some sex scenes contained within the story that might make it a bit inappropriate for younger readers.

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