Monday, July 27, 2020

"The Amish Bachelor" by Samantha Price

Isaac Fuller was content with his life as it was. He worked in his father's company and planned to take over from him someday. He had also been dating Mary Lou for the past two years. His life seemed pretty close to perfect.

But then one day he walked in to find a woman he didn't know sitting at his computer and doing his job. And then Mary Lou started pressuring him to set a wedding date… something he just wasn't ready to do yet.

This was an interesting and sweet Amish Romance tale. It starts out simple & deals with a man whose world is rapidly being turned upside down, seemingly all at once. Can he find a way to regain control of his life without making a bigger mess out of everything?

I enjoyed reading this book. While I was able to guess at most of what happened in the plot, I still enjoyed it. The story was well written and interesting. It was a nice relaxing weekend read. And it left me interested in reading more of the books in this series in the future.

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