Monday, August 2, 2021

"Forgotten Faces" by Florence Linnington

Sarah Smith has come to the small town of Stillwater as a mail order bride to marry the pastor, Stephen Tyler. Each is surprised that the other is young & attractive, as they both expected far less in a mail order spouse and neither had seen a picture of the other.

As expected in this type of story, each of them has secrets about their pasts that will likely cause problems as the plot unfolds. In Sarah's case, the issue is that she is unable to recognize the faces of anyone she meets, no matter how long or short of a time she has known them. She has been using other small tricks to keep that fact hidden as she believes that it means there is something fundamentally wrong with her that would make no one want her around.

Like Ms. Linnington’s other mail order bride tales, I greatly enjoyed reading this one. We get to see Sarah grow from a scared and unsure young woman into a stronger and braver version of herself than even she thought she could ever become. And as always, seeing the journey of how she gets there and who she would become is what I felt was the best part of the story.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys mail order bride romances as well books that allow the characters to grow and to overcome unexpected hardships and other challenges.

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