Monday, September 20, 2021

"Amish Honor" by Samantha Price

After Mercy married Stephen, Honor had fallen hard for his brother Jonathon, as did her younger sister Cherish. But their older sister Florence strongly dislikes Jonathon and doesn't believe that he's the right man for Honor, who is still slightly too young to be married to anyone. But as is to be expected with young love, the two are determined to find a way to be together, regardless of the cost.

This was the second book in the "Bonnet Sisters" series, and much like the first book is a nice, soothing and relaxing read. I enjoyed this "Romeo & Juliet" tale of young love and what can happen when young people make desperate and hasty choices without thinking them through or worrying about the possible consequences of those choices.

Anyone who enjoyed the first book in the series or enjoys reading a good Amish romance story should also enjoy reading this book. I know that I'll definitely be continuing on with book three in this series.

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