Monday, October 4, 2021

"The Bride For a Single Father"
by Florence Linnington

Violet was a singer, and only a singer, at a Saloon in New York. When she refused to take a rich and powerful man to her bed, he did everything he could to ruin her life, expecting that she would be forced to change her mind when she had nowhere else to turn. Instead, Violet became a mail order bride, travelling to Stillwater, Colorado to marry the doctor there.

This appeared to be the fresh start and a chance for a new life, love, and family that she'd always hoped for. But would it be? Especially when it turned out that she was not the intended recipient of Lewis's letter?

This book was a very fast read and I finished it in one day. It was also one of the best of Ms. Linnington's stories that I have read thus far. While it contains all the expected elements of a mail order bride story, this one seems to contain a bit more than many others, and it managed to get me rather teary eyed towards the end.

If you enjoy a good mail order bride story, any of Ms. Linnington's other books, or if you are just looking for an entertaining story that will tug at your heart, then I would strongly recommend giving this one a try.

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