Monday, February 21, 2022

Brothers of Belle Fourche, books 1-3
written by Kari Trumbo,
read by Scott Bennett

"Teach me to Love"

After Lizzy's abusive and demeaning husband dies, rather than returning to her parents home she leaves town to go and visit her best friend from school, Lulu. At this point, Izzy is only a fraction of herself, having been so emotionally downtrodden by her husband that she cannot believe in herself or trust that she is worth better.

I listened to the audiobook version of this story and enjoyed it. The male narrator wasn't as strong in differentiating the different voices of the male characters as some narrators, but it wasn’t too difficult to tell who was supposed to be speaking at any point. The story was good, and the reasons behind the character motivations came through clearly.

The story was short for this one, but as there are 3 books in this collection, it should even out once I've finished listening to all three.

"What the Heart Holds"

In this book, the new school teacher Stephinia appears to have fallen for Arnold after he and his brothers rescued both her and Lizzy from an irate kidnapper. Unfortunately, his heart still belongs to a girl who had died in an accident years before. 

Thus was another shorter seeming story, but one that I also enjoyed listening to as well as the previous book. This story flows perfectly from where the previous book ended.

"Deep Longing of the Soul"

In this third book in the series, Eli, who had shot and killed the man who had kidnapped Lizzy, has been having a very difficult time since that day. He views himself as a murderer, though he had been protecting and saving two women when it had happened. 

This book was about the same length as the previous two, and reaches a good stopping point in this series. It was just as enjoyable to listen to, and while the voices used for the three brothers may be difficult to distinguish at times from each other, the personalities of the characters eases any confusion of which brother happens to be speaking. (Plus it helps that each book focuses mainly on a different brother.) Overall, I enjoyed listening to this trilogy.

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