Monday, October 3, 2022

"Missing Florence" by Samantha Price

Joy and Isaac  are getting married. Wilma has been trying to convince Joy to allow it to be a double wedding with Wilma and Levi, but Joy wants to have it be her day & not her mother's. But that isn't the only argument happening, for Joy wants her sister Florence to be invited even though Florence has married an outsider. But Wilma is still furious and would rather that her stepdaughter not be there. Life for all of them will be rapidly changing once Wilma & Levi are married. 

This was the 7th book in the Bonnet Sisters series. It was a very quick and pleasant read. While not everything that happens is happy, this series always leaves me with a warm, hopeful feeling.  It leaves me with the impression that no matter how bad things may seem, that all will end well.

I believe that anyone who enjoys Amish romance stories or any of the other books in this series would enjoy this book.

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