Monday, November 27, 2023

"A Man of Our Kind" by Scott Telek

If you have been reading my reviews for long enough, this book's title may sound familiar to you. There is a reason for that. Quite some time ago I read and reviewed a book from this author with almost the same title. With this rewrite he changed the title of this one, I assume to avoid athe possibility of confusing his readers.. This series, The Swithin, is one of my favorite Arthurian series. He has been writing this series to be as historically accurate as he can. And in his research, he learned new information that required him to rewrite much of what he had previously written in order to remain true to his intended purpose in writing this book.

So after removing the original version from publication, he rewrote it and asked if I would consider reading and reviewing the new version. How could I possibly refuse? Now don't be fooled into thinking that this is going to be some dry, history lesson about the legendary King Arthur and Merlin. It is anything but dry or boring. It is a wonderful book that I didn’t want to put down. I'm so glad to have received a review copy of this book.

Honestly, I believe this new version far outshines the previous one. I absolutely loved it. This book is all about how Merlin himself came to exist. And while much of this book focuses on Merlin's mother, her family, and those in her life, it is told so well that I only put this book down when I absolutely needed to so that I could get some sleep. The pacing of the book and the details create fantastic foreshadowing of events. Many of us are familiar with at least some of the legends surrounding King Arthur, Merlin, and the Round Table, but how often do you get to read about  what happens before everything we know comes to pass?

I also loved how at the end of this book Mr. Telek took the time to let us know what was historically accurate and what was added by him in order to make the story flow in a much more relatable manner while still maintaining the accuracy of the legends and tales he is presenting to us.

Even if you have read the previous version of this story, I recommend that you read this rewritten version. It far surpasses the previous version. It is very worth taking the time to read. Highly Recommended.

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