Saturday, July 22, 2017

"The Iron Ship" by K.M. McKinley

This entry was a difficult one for me to write as I only made it through about 40% of the book. How can I review a book I didn't finish reading? That’s part of what makes it so difficult. The author writes beautifully and the book was very well edited. What I did read, I definitely enjoyed. So why did I give up on the book?
The author created her own world, and in the creation of this world left me feeling very confused.  I wanted to read all of it, but by the time I reached the almost halfway point I felt so confused that I realized I was losing my enjoyment in the reading of it. That told me that it was time for me to put the book aside and find something else to read. I hated to do it, but sometimes you just have to admit defeat.
So would I try reading something else by this author in the future? That would be a definite yes. Even feeling lost and confused, I was enjoying the author’s writing. For right now, however, this book just wasn’t for me. Other people might find it more to their tastes and less confusing than I did. (On Amazon’s website it received mostly 5 star customer reviews, and nothing lower than 3 stars at the time of my writing this review.) The author is very talented and I did enjoy the writing, even if I found the book too confusing to finish at this time.
I do intend to try reading this book again at some point in the future. I just needed a break from it for a while. Hopefully when I decide to come back to it, I will have better luck with making it through to the end. Until then, it’s time for me to find a different book to read and discuss with all of you.
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Mom Kat

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