Wednesday, February 14, 2018

"Stealing Mercury" by Charlee Allden

Mercury and his brothers were genetically engineered gladiators, destined to fight over and over again until they were killed in the Arena. Known as Arena Dogs, their lives were not their own. They were bred for fierceness and trained to kill. When their Masters lied to them, promising that if they gave a good show that his pack members would be allowed to live but then delivering a verdict of death instead, Mercury and his brothers rebelled.

After a failed attack on the Masters by Mercury and his pack mates, they were to be sent to a hunting ground where humans would pay for the opportunity to hunt them down and kill them like the animals many believed then to be. The pilot hired to transport them there, however, is given a counter-offer. She will be paid by a third party to look the other way when the ship is boarded and her cargo is stolen instead. When the “pirates” fail to show for the rendezvous, Samantha reaches the conclusion that she can’t leave these men in the hands of the cruel and abusive guards or allow them to be hunted down as prey. She needs to find a way to help them.

Reading this book, I found myself taking my time as I read it and savoring my enjoyment of it. This is not a book meant for younger readers as there are some rather adult sex scenes (often involving 2 men and 1 woman) written within. I’m not usually a big fan of books involving a great deal of sex, but I did really enjoy this one. I felt that it was tastefully handled and not overwhelming. It involved romance and love rather than just sex and lust.

Some books are so enjoyable to read that I find myself rushing through them, desperate to see what comes next, but this one is one that I just wanted to take my time reading and enjoying. Everything flowed together and built naturally. The main characters’ emotions were clearly defined and made perfect sense throughout the book. I’d definitely recommend this one. I know I loved reading it and am looking forward to reading the next book in the series as well.

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