Thursday, September 6, 2018

"Lake Emerald Chronicles:
The First Summer" by Melissa Adams

Trigger Warning: This book containers a rape and a lot of sexual activity. It is definitely not a book for younger readers.

Clary is getting ready to leave for summer camp at Lake Emerald and is looking forward to spending the summer with her best friends Brie and Hazel. All three girls are very excited to be spending the summer away from their parents. The girls are all 16 years old this summer and Clary has “filled out” over the school year and is hoping that the counselor she has had a crush on for the past several summers will finally notice her.

This is a reverse harem book involving Clary and several other men. It could have used another round of editing as there were a number of typos and other errors within. It did improve in the second half of the book, and I noticed far fewer errors once the sex scenes became more prevalent.

I have to admit that I didn’t really like this book. I don’t have an issue with the reverse harem aspect and wouldn’t have had much of an issue with the large amount of sex going on in the story. But as the mother of a teenage daughter, what I had a problem with included the truth or dare game with underage campers drinking alcohol during the game with the adult counselors. In most places, providing alcohol to minors should have gotten them fired, if not worse.

I also had a very serious problem with the 16 year old main character and the 20 year old counselors she becomes more than mildly involved with. With her being underage, that sort of thing is considered statutory rape. It doesn’t matter if she is a willing participant or even if she is the one instigating things. The 20 year old men, who are supposed to be the responsible parties here, should be pushing her away for at least another 2 years. Being only 16, she is still a minor. What is happening in this book between her and the men in question is still illegal. And as they have made the decision to not hide their relationships, someone working in the camp should have put a stop to things. Yet not even the slightest warning was ever given to anyone involved.

The things going on at this camp were noticed by other responsible adults at the camp, yet not one of them ever does anything to stop it. Instead they almost seem to be encouraging it. I’m sorry, but this book hits on some issues that truly disturb me. Because of this, I’m afraid that I just cannot recommend it.

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