Thursday, September 27, 2018

"The Unwanted Bride
and her Desolate Suitor"
by Florence Linnington

13 year old MJ has a crush on Jasper Chapman. He however, doesn’t seem to know that she exists, which at this point in their lives is understandable as he is 10 years older than she is. As a grown man, he rarely runs into her and barely knows her name. Shortly after accidently discovering that Jasper doesn’t seem to consider her attractive, a heartbroken MJ and her family move to a farm in the town of Concord.

10 years later, following the death of her grandfather and learning that he had signed a document that gives ownership of the farm to someone else, MJ and her grandmother make arrangements to return to Pathways. They will be staying with a farmer by the name of Michael Samson, who will be marrying MJ and providing the two women with a home once again. He is a good deal older than she is, but not having any other options, what else can they do?

Before this happens, MJ again meets Jasper. She is no longer a child, and he is quickly infatuated with her. But being an honorable man, how can he even consider trying to win a woman who is promised to someone else? And why is it that she seems to dislike him so when they haven’t even run into each other in the past decade?

The most recent book in the Seeing Ranch series, this book is as entertaining as it’s predecessors. I would have liked to see it run through one more round of editing, to try and catch a few more of the typos I ran across, but the story itself was one I greatly enjoyed. It wasn’t your typical mail order bride story, but I found that to be part of the appeal of this book. I enjoyed the twist of seeing MJ as a girl who is infatuated with Jasper and then seeing their roles reversed when she is an grown woman who does not appear to like him, let alone still have any sort of feelings for him. I enjoyed this book just as much as I have the previous books in this series. I think others will as well. I would recommend reading it if you enjoy mail order bride tales.

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