Thursday, October 11, 2018

"The Seeker's Stone #1 DNA in the Deep:
Science Adventures for Kids!"
by Kelly Epperson

Emily & John are being dropped off at what appears to be a somewhat run-down science camp where they will spend the next 3 weeks. Neither of them seems initially too happy about the idea, especially after getting their first view of the place. But as their dad points out to them, Emily does have her cell phone and can call home if once they have had a chance to spend a little time there they still wish to return home. It isn’t too long after their father leaves that the two kids discover that there is much more to this summer camp than initially meets the eye.

This is a fun little story meant for children who are ready for short chapter books. It is well written and a quite entertaining adventure story that does a very good job of teaching about DNA and how it works without feeling like it is trying to teach a lesson. I believe it will capture a younger reader’s attention and interest quite quickly and will hold it throughout the story. It was well written and well edited as well as being something that I think younger readers will enjoy.

This book is clearly meant to be the first book in a series of adventurous learning books. I think most children will enjoy not only this book, but the rest of this series as well (once they have been published). While I will admit to being older than the intended audience for this series, I still enjoyed it enough to read it entirely in one sitting. I recommend giving this one a chance. I think younger readers will really enjoy this book.

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