Monday, December 24, 2018

"Batgirl at Super Hero High" by Lisa Yee

Barbara Gorden, the daughter of Commissioner Gorden has secretly longed to attend Super Hero High with her best friend Supergirl. The problem is, though Barbara is extremely smart and capable, she doesn’t possess any super powers. How can she be a superhero without any sort of special abilities?

But when Supergirl is named the “Hero of the Month” she makes it known that she couldn’t have done it without the help of Batgirl. It was then that Barbara realizes that while she has no powers of her own, she creates all sorts of tech that can help her do the job that she longs to do. She could be a hero and attend Super Hero High herself. But there is one more problem that she would have to overcome before that can happen. Her father. He knows how dangerous being a crime fighter is and doesn’t want to allow his daughter to be constantly in the line of fire. Can she find a way to change his mind and convince him that being a superhero is what she is truly meant to do?

I realize that this book is meant for much younger readers than I am, but it is still an enjoyable story with a very inspiring message for younger readers. It does have a few fun moments that I think are directed at older folks who happen to be reading it with their kids. If you have ever seen any of the Batman TV show episodes from the 1960’s, you’ll enjoy the subtle references to the show. Those references are not so overwhelming as to confuse younger readers who may not have ever seen them, but are merely something that amused me when they popped up in the text.

I have read a couple of the Super Hero High Books so far, and I think that many will appreciate them, especially younger girls who are looking for something inspiring to read as well as those who enjoy comic book stories, They are quick, easy to read chapter books that I believe many will enjoy. Recommended.

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