Tuesday, December 18, 2018

"Parallax Book Three:
Silent Crossings" by Marina Landry

Since the death of her husband several years earlier, Rebeka Patin has been working to aid the resistance fighters in secret; her name known to the UPG and the rebels only as Bluray. Under this identity, she has successfully managed to help a great number of people without anyone realizing who the seemingly empty-headed young party planner to the rich and powerful truly was.

But all of her hard work to protect both her identity and that of her family members becomes almost certainly undone when she stumbles upon something she wasn’t meant to be in the middle of, and finds herself accidentally injured and taken along with a man who is desperately wanted by the UPG as he escapes to Earth on his own mission to aid the rebels.

Beka needs to find a way to get back to the station without suspicion being put upon her and she needs to do it quickly. But when she and Jon manage to get lost in the woods while trying to hide from the UPG officers seeking them, can they find their way to a friendly town that has a doctor who is able to treat Beka’s injuries without getting caught and before they starve to death?

I very much enjoyed reading this book, just as I have the previous two in the series. The story that Ms. Landry has woven is quite captivating and has held my interest completely. This time around she did not leave us with a cliffhanger for an ending, but instead has given us a very interesting preview to tease us with for her next book. This has been a very entertaining science fiction series so far and I can’t wait to see what will happen next!

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