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"The Darkest Hour: WWII Tales of Resistance -- An Anthology"

“The Darkest Hour: WWII Tales of Resistance -- An Anthology”

This collection of novellas written by a group of authors has created a very powerful collection of WWII stories for their readers to enjoy. Each story evokes quite the collection of images that stand out in their own way from each other. Each story is as good or better than the one before it. I had a hard time putting this book down to sleep at night, but I cannot regret any sleep lost while reading these amazing tales.

Some of these stories left me crying, while others were very inspiring in their messages of hope and a refusal to give up. The stories are placed all over the world and show us what life was like during WWII for those living in those countries during the war.

I loved reading this book and would strongly recommend it to anyone as a great collection of historical fiction stories and one well worth reading. Give this one a chance. You won’t regret it. Very Strongly recommended.

***All proceeds from this book will be donated to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. Don’t miss out on this one.***

Bubbe’s Nightingale” by Roberta Kagan

As the first story in this anthology, I have to say that this was a very powerful way to start the book. Ms. Kagan‘s story starts off with an elderly woman finally telling her story of what it was like to live during the War to her granddaughter, how she managed to live and eventually find love after her family was forcibly relocated to the Warsaw Ghettos. I found myself crying while reading this story. Recommended.

“Catriona’s War” by Jean Grainger

When Catriona’s father disappears while he is on an undercover mission for the resistance, she is recruited to take his place and finish what he started. Some readers might have a slight problem with the fact that some of the story is written in French, but as Catriona was recruited because of her tri-lingual abilities, I felt it added to the story’s ability to draw the reader in.

“Reluctant Informer” by Marion Kummerow

What do you do when the Gestapo decides that they need you to spy on someone and inform them of illegal activities, when you just want to mind your own business and try to survive the hard times you are living in? And when the arrest your husband to coorce your assistance, can you even consider not helping them any longer?

“Killing the Hangman” by Ellie Midwood

Can a pair of the Czech Resistance manage to assassinate the mad many believe cannot be killed? Or will he survive and manage to kill them instead?

“The Moon Chaser” by Alexa Kang

Yuan Wen-Ying has the opportunity to set in motion a plan that will take down he Japanese commander who slaughtered masses of people in Nanking. But can she do it if it will also destroy the one who is willing to stand by her side through it all?

“Enemy at the Gate” by Mary D. Brooks

How can a scared, frustrated 13 year old girl find a way to to help the Resistance when everyone keeps telling her she is too young to fight?

“The Occupation” by Deborah Swift

A young British woman living on one of the Channel Islands, learns her German husband has been drafted and will be fighting for the Nazi Army. To make matters worse, neither she nor her best friend (a jewish woman) were able to evacuate before the island was occupied by the Germans. Can they find a way to survive what follows?

“Code Name Camille” by Kathryn Gauci

A young woman joins the Resistance fighters in France. But it appears there may be a traitor to their cause among the group. Can the one betraying the group to the German occupiers be found before their group is caught and killed?

“V for Victory” by John McKay

Can a young boy help to restore Freedom and Honor to Paris in the face of Nazi oppression?

“Sound of Resistance” by Ryan Armstrong

When an American teenager loses his mother in a break-in at his house, he is sent to Live with his uncle, a high ranking and sadistic Nazi leader. This story comes with a trigger warning. The harsh language and abuse in the story does serve a purpose, but my be a bit much for some readers.

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