Monday, April 13, 2020

"Choosing Sides" by Karen Meyer

Gilbert Freeman is a young man who is unhappy with his current life. His mother has passed away and he always seems to be at odds with his father lately. Gilbert really wants to return and finish his schooling, but his father needs him to stay and work full time with him on the farm.

Things keep getting more and more tense between the two of them, until one night Gilbert decides to leave the farm behind and move to Westerville and find his own way in the world.

This was a book that I truly enjoyed reading. It takes place in Central Ohio, near the area where I currently live, so while the specific locations mentioned may no longer be present, the towns mentioned still are.

The story in this book is based on a few events that occurred during the temperance movement in the 1800s in Ohio. I found this story to be well written. It drew me in and made me want to keep reading to see what would happen to Gilbert and to see where he would end up once all was said and done.

One of the things that I enjoyed most in this book were the author notes at the end of the story. I loved not only having had the chance to enjoy her tale, but getting the chance to learn about the historical events that inspired it. I would recommend reading this one, especially if historically inspired stories interest you as they do me.

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