Monday, April 20, 2020

"Prelude: Ghosts of Southampton"
by I. D. Johnson

Meg's father has realized that his wife has been trying to get rid of him and has taken steps to protect his young daughter and to arrange for her future. He makes an agreement with a good friend and business associate for Meg to marry the other man's son once they have both come of age. In the event of his death, his will leaves control of his business to Meg's husband, though her uncle will continue to run things until then.

And while Meg's life should have been one of extreme privilege and comfort, unfortunately it was anything but happy. Readers should be warned that Meg is abused by her uncle from a very young age. While this is not graphically depicted in the story, it is clear what has been happening to her and may be a trigger point for some readers. But this is an important plot point in the story and leads to actions taken by the characters in this, and likely the next, book in this series. As such, it cannot be ignored.

As described by the title, this book was the prequel to the novel "Titanic." While it may not be absolutely necessary to read this book to fully understand the story in the next book, I believe it gives us an important insight into the characters' motivations. I believe reading this book will enhance the experience of reading the rest of this series.

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