Monday, May 3, 2021

"Doughnuts and Deception" by Agatha Frost

This third tale of Julia and her cake shop involves yet another series of murders, though this time they are not taking place inside the town of Peridale. The murders are happening in an old industrial park where Jessie had stayed while she was homeless. And with all those who are being killed being members of the homeless community, no one on the local police force seems to be taking it seriously or investigating the deaths.

Being who she is, Julia can't just ignore it like so many others have, and she finds herself doing what she can to help the people there as well as trying to figure out who the killer is, how people are being murdered, and why.

Like the first two books in this series, I enjoyed reading this story. It was entertaining and well written, holding my interest throughout the book. The clues to solving the mystery are there if you watch for them, but figuring out what is actually happening is part of what I enjoy when reading a good cozy mystery. And as has been the case with her other books in this series, the author did not disappoint me.

I believe anyone who enjoys cozy mysteries will find this book an enjoyable read. The characters were interesting as well as entertaining, and their actions easily imagined as taking place in many small communities. I myself will be continuing on with reading the 4th book in this series to see what happens next for the characters.

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