Monday, May 24, 2021

"Spinster Mail Order Bride
and her Conflicted Suitor"
by Florence Linnington

Vivian arrived in a small Texas town to meet the man she had been writing to after he’d answered her mail order bride ad. Unfortunately, no one was there to meet her when the stagecoach arrived. He was sent for, but the man who arrived to meet his future wife was not the man she had been writing. The ticket office had sent her to the wrong place!

And things only got more difficult from there, as the next stage coach out wouldn't be leaving for another week, meaning Vivian would need to find a way to afford a hotel room for the week and buy another ticket elsewhere.

David, who had expected a different woman to arrive in another month was less than pleased at the mixup. He had sought a mail order bride to make his very ill mother's possible last days happy, knowing her son would soon be married. He wound up coming to an agreement with Vivian to pretend to be his fiance and make his mother happy until the next stage coach will arrive to take Vivian elsewhere.

Again, as with all her other mail order bride stories, I found this one just as enjoyable as the others. This one has a few extra elements of conflict that arise within the situation than most of Ms Linnington's previous tales, but they only add to the excitement of seeing the two main characters overcome their pasts and try to learn to trust in their own feelings as well as those of another person. 

This is another good book for anyone who enjoys mail order bride stories or any of Ms. Linnington's previous books.

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