Monday, March 28, 2022

"A Rancher's Wife" by Florence Linnington

Millie was badly burnt when she was young. Most of her left side has been permanently scarred and she was left with a limp. Her parents think of her as a cripple who cannot take care of herself and has no future. But Millie disagrees, and after corresponding with a Rancher named Otto Morris, she leaves her parents home to take a train to meet her soon to be husband, leaving behind only a letter explaining where she has gone and why. She only hopes that Otto will at least give her the chance that her parents never will… to prove that she is more than capable of doing whatever needs to be done.

I think this one is my favorite of Ms. Linnington's books so far. It has a greater depth to the story than many of the others have, allowing the characters to try to overcome a great deal more than is generally faced in a simple mail order bride tale. And those challenges were not merely the typical getting to know and trust each other, but involved other problems that may have been faced by people living in the time & place this story is based upon.

If you like mail order bride stories or have read & enjoyed any of Ms. Linnington's other books, you won't want to skip this one. In my opinion, it's her best one yet.

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