Monday, April 4, 2022

"Heists and Poltergeists" by Trixie Silvertale

In this, the 18th book of the Mitzy Moon series, it is Mitzy's birthday. She hasn't had a good birthday since her mom died, but her Ghostma is determined to make this one memorable. While Mitzy does her best to not give away the fact that she knows the others are throwing her a surprise party, she finds herself in the middle of a robbery over at the bank. 

You might think that simply trying to find a way to make sure that everyone makes it out unharmed aa well as finding a way to help the ghosts who have been stuck in the bank from a botched robbery in the 1970s would be enough for one book, but in the leadup to the birthday party, we are taken on a trip down memory lane through Mitzy's previous adventures in Pin Cherry Harbor.

I enjoyed reading this book, though as I've been reading them somewhat out of order, I haven't yet caught up on some of the books describing Mitzy's earlier adventures. And while it in no way lessened my enjoyment of this book, I believe I would have appreciated it even more had I already read the adventures referenced in this one. (I’m still working my way through the ones I missed so far, and I do intend to read the whole series.)

But all in all, like the others I have read in this series so far, this is also a book that I believe anyone who enjoys cozy mysteries, the other books in the Mitzy Moon series, or are simply looking for something fun to read will enjoy this book.

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