Monday, January 16, 2023

"Keep Me Close" by JM Paquette

With a greater demon hunting her and a magical blade that everyone seems to be after in Sylvia's possession, of course now was the time that Theo's maker chooses to come to town wanting him back. And unable to refuse her call or her will, Theo leaves with his maker, leaving his companions and the demon Mr. Pilkington to protect Sylvia and to find a way to destroy the dagger. But Sylvia isn't ready to give up her vampire without a fight. Can she find a way to help him?

This was the third book in the Conjuring Fascination trilogy, and boy did it deliver. From the very beginning this book took us on quite a ride, with more than a few twists and turns along the way. It tugged on heartstrings and had me yearning for a happy ending that seemed impossible. I really want to say more about it, but I am afraid that in doing so I would give away too many spoilers. So please trust me when I say that this book is well worth reading and has more than a few surprises inside.

One thing I do need to mention is that this is not a book meant for younger readers. There is a fair amount of sex in this one. It is all very tastefully done and definitely part of the story. (With a book involving both demons and vampires, there was bound to be both sexual situations and some violence.) But it was all very well done. It just might not be appropriate for a younger audience.

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