Monday, January 23, 2023

"Their Amish Stepfather" by Samantha Price

Wilma and Levi have married and the two families are struggling to become one. But with so many things and expectations changing, life seems much harsher for the girls than it used to be. Levi has made many new rules that the girls don't like and his expectations for everyone are difficult for them to fulfill.

The two older married sisters that had moved away are each expecting their first child, as is Florence, though her family doesn't yet know about it. Can everyone find a way to put aside their differences and come together or will they be torn even further apart?

I enjoyed this 8th book in the Bonnet Sisters series. It was a quick read that left me feeling lighter in mood. This series always makes me smile. I think anyone who enjoys Amish romance, has enjoyed the previous books in this series, or who is just looking for a book to take their mind off things for a while should enjoy it as well.

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