Monday, February 6, 2023

"An Ideal Vessel" by Sarah Hans

Zuzanna had a job cleaning an exhibit in 1893. One night, after everyone else has left, one of the automatons in the exhibit comes to life. It claims that it is a spirit possessing the form and needs help. It is on a mission to hunt down a demon who has escaped from another realm and is wreaking havoc and death wherever it goes. The demon must be found and destroyed before it can commit even more harm than it already has.

This was a shorter book with a darker theme than I normally read, but I enjoyed this story. It ended feeling like there is or will be a sequel and I may have to hunt it down. But even if there isn't one, this story is a complete tale, even if the theme is a bit darker than my usual tastes. In my opinion, it carries a bit of a Frankenstein's monster theme about it that I believe many would likely enjoy.

Looking for this book from somewhere other than Amazon? The link below should take you to everywhere else it is available.

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