Monday, February 27, 2023

The Doctor's Western Bride"
by Florence Linnington

Before Mabel's father died, he asked her to find her half-brother Collin and deliver his inheritance. She has never met Collin, but her father had told her about what a wonderful man he was, and promised that Collin would take care of her. Unfortunately, when she arrived at his home, she met a drunken, angry, and violent man. He only agrees to allow her to stay because of the money that her father had sent. And given how much he drinks, that money isn't likely to last very long.

Thomas is the town's doctor. He lost his wife and child during childbirth and has been alone and still grieving two years later, believing that he can't face falling in love & losing anyone else the same way.

I enjoyed reading about these two lost and lonely souls finding each other and finding love and a family despite the obstacles they face. (If you've read any of her other mail order bride tales, then my telling you that this book has a happy ending shouldn't spoil any of the book's surprises for you. I love reading Ms. Linnington's well-crafted tales. And even knowing there is always a happy ending, it is the way that the characters get to that happy ending that I enjoy.

If you enjoy maul order bride tales, stories about finding love despite hardships and other obstacles, or have enjoyed any of Ms. Linnington's other books, then you should enjoy this book.

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