Monday, August 7, 2023

"Orphaned Bride and the scarred Farmer"
by Florence Linnington

When their mother died, Beth and her little sister Hannah learn that the debt on their property of $12,000 has been past due for quite some time.  They are about to be evicted. Beth accepts a proposal from a man across the country and sells everything they own, but is cheated out of some of the money she needed in order to pay the debt. Beth and Hannah try to sneak out of town, barely escaping the sheriff, knowing they still need to find a way to pay the remaining $6,000.

David wasn't expecting his mail order bride to arrive with a little sister. What will he do when he learns she also comes with a large debt? Will he still marry Beth and allow them both to remain, or will he send them packing?

As with her other books, I enjoyed reading this one. There were a few more twists in this book, than in some of the previous ones, but the usual themes of honesty, communication, trust, family, and love remain. And when all those items come together, you get a heartwarming tale the way Ms. Linnington is so good at sharing with us.

If you enjoy western mail-order bride stories, or have enjoyed any of Ms. Linnington's other books, then you should also enjoy this one.

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