Monday, August 21, 2023

"Shadow Guardian" and the "big Bad Wolf"
by Robert J. Lewis

Two people had been cursed by a demon to know their love exists somewhere in the world, but to never again be allowed to be together. Through lifetime after lifetime, they search for each other, but in order to be together once again, the demon must be banished back to Hell, and they must find each other again. The curse can only be broken when they finally manage to touch each other. But with so many obstacles in their way, can this curse ever be ended?

I read an Advance Review Copy of this book. It was the second book in a series, but I have not yet read the previous book. Even without having read book one, I didn't feel at all lost while reading this one. I'm sure there are things that would be clearer had I read the previous book already, but I do plan on going back to read it when I have the chance.

Parts of this book made me snicker in amusement quite a bit at the antics of one character. He really managed to help keep things somewhat lighthearted, even when he wasn't trying to. Overall, I did enjoy this book, and I believe that anyone who enjoys fantasy novels with a lighthearted batman-style superhero would enjoy this book. It really is a fun read. And I'll be keeping my eyes open for both book 1 and book three in the series. If you enjoy superhero stories, give this series a shot. I think you’ll find it’s a fun one.

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