Friday, December 8, 2023

"Coconut Wireless" by Toby Neal

Kat is a Secret Service agent who had the bad luck of needing to reject the advances of someone powerful. Because of that, her boss was forced to remove her from her position, at least for the time being. And that's how she wound up being transferred into the position of Postmaster in the small town of Ohia in the Hawaiian Islands. Unfortunately, being an outsider brought in to fill a position that a local postal employee had expected to get leaves her with a less than pleasant start in both her new job & and her new town.

Things take a turn for the worse, when the feral cat living in Kat's new home brings her a human hand that just happens to belong to the previous postmaster. Now Kat has decided to help the local police solve the murder. Which is not the easiest of tasks when most people consider you an outsider.

I enjoyed reading this book. Parts of it were light hearted, but it also dealt with some serious topics, like the fact that Kat has been dealing with PTSD and is currently very touch sensitive in a community of people who are big on hugs, not always with a warning that they are about to hug her.

There was a lot of interesting information on Hawaii in this book, some of which I was aware of, but much of it was new to me. I loved the local flavor that was added in by using the native language by the people in the town. And the depictions of characters at first resenting Kat's presence, and later accepting her into their community, gave this book a great deal of authenticity.

I think anyone who enjoys cozy mysteries, the Hawaiian Islands, or both will enjoy this fun story. I will definitely be continuing on with reading this series in the future.

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