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“Second Hand Rose” by D.E. Fox

Second Hand Rose (Amazon link)

When her grandmother died, Abigail inherited her antiques shop and house. Moving back to the town where she had grown up and bringing the dog she had adopted with her, Abigail intended to reopen the antique shop and enjoy a quiet life reconnecting with old friends as well as building a new life for herself. She was not aware of the many dark secrets that had long existed in the small town, but she soon enough found herself in the middle of everything, and needed to find a way to end the horror that controls the town and its residents.

This was an interesting first horror novella written by a new author. There is a fair amount of blood & gore in this story, so if horror is not something you enjoy, this book likely isn’t meant for you. I also need to warn you that there is some spousal abuse that takes place in this book.

It is a short tale and a fairly quick read. I felt like there were a few instances of awkward phrasing in the story, but that might have something to do with the author being in the U.K. and my being in the U.S. Sometimes phrases that are common in one country seem a little odd to those in another.

Overall, it was an interesting tale that had a couple of potential ways that it could have ended. It also leaves things open for there to possibly be a sequel in the future. If you enjoy horror that does include some blood and gore, as well as having a touch of paranormal beings in the mix, then you will likely enjoy this book. I enjoyed reading my review copy of this book.

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