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Runaway Bride And her Outlaw
by Florence Linnington

Catherine Davis, or Kat, as she prefers to be called, is facing the death of her mother, only a short time after her father's death. taking a walk while her mother sleeps, Kat finds herself in the general store, and despite being engaged to the wealthy John Turner, finds herself buying a copy of the Matrimonial times. 

With her mother's passing, Kat learns how cruel her fiance actually is. He is a man who will seek to possess and own her rather than love her, and after writing a quick letter in answer to one of the ads seeking a wife, she attempts to sneak away in the extremely early hours of the morning to flee to California, where she meets James Wilson, the rancher she has come to marry. But what about his hidden past?

I received a review copy of this sweet mail order bride novel. It contains the expected themes of kindness, love, forgiveness, and understanding. And as expected, Ms. Linnington wove an interesting tale around all of these themes and their included lessons. But don't assume that means this is anything less than an interesting tale of two strangers getting to know and love each other. 

Yes, the characters face difficulties that they must find a way to overcome in order to reach their happy ending, but one thing that you can be sure of is that they will get there. The fun in this type of story Is discovering how they will find their way to that happy ending.

If you enjoy a good mail order bride story, tales of self-discovery, romance and love in the old west, then you will enjoy this book, as well as any of the others in this series.

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Runaway Bride and her Outlaw (Amazon link)

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