Monday, May 27, 2024

April Hearses and May Curses
by Trixie Silvertale

When one of the local shops in Pin Cherry Harbor is ransacked and a magical item stolen, leaving the severely injured owner in the hospital, naturally her son hires Harper-Moon Investigations to solve the mystery of who attacked his mother and to make sure whoever it was winds up behind bars. His mother, being a woman who had held a long-standing mutual animosity with Mitzy’s “ghost-ma” and who was also a purveyor of the mystical arts, makes it doubly important that Mitzy and Eric are involved. Add in a some escaped prisoners and other old enemies/rivals returning, and this is quite a danger-filled adventure for the pair of private investigators.

I received an advance review copy of this book and, as always, Ms. Silvertale does not disappoint. This book kept me interested and reading from the page one, and I finished it within two days of starting it. Both Mitzy and Erick have their hands full solving this crime, and not only are both Mitzy herself and Erick in danger, but so are those closest to the pair. This is not merely a small crime or murder that they are trying to solve; the events unfolding, if not stopped, could have far reaching effects that go well beyond their town if it remains in the wrong hands. If Mitzy and Erick fail, allowing the one behind it all to succeed, there will undoubtedly be quite a few more deaths left in the wake of this evil force.

I apologize for being so vague as to what is happening, but I really do not want to give away any of the multiple twists and turns that take place in this book. If I did, that would spoil your enjoyment from reading and discovering everything yourself, and what fun is that? But trust me, if you enjoy cozy mysteries with a paranormal twist, have read and enjoyed any of the other books by Ms. Silvertale involving Mitzy Moon, former sheriff Erick Harper, their mystical friends and family, as well has the trouble that seems to follow them, then you will definitely enjoy reading this book. I would recommend giving it a try. And while you can likely pick up on much of what has gone before from the contents of this story, it will be much easier to truly understand some of it if you have read some of the previous books in this series first. (Amazon Link) (Books2Read link to other vendors)

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