Monday, June 3, 2024

Double Murder at the Grand Hotel Miramare
by Elena and Michaela Martignone

Two people are found murdered in a room at the Luxury Hotel, Miramare. Both both were employed by the countess, making her a suspect in their murder, and while she may have had a motive, Detective Bertᐟe does not think she was the one responsible for their deaths. But if not her, then who?

This novel, while fictional, is set in a historic, and famous, luxury hotel in Lungariva. I received a review copy of this book from the author and enjoyed reading it. The characters were each well developed and entertaining, and I enjoyed reading it. Honestly though, I think I found Detective Bertᐟe himself to be the most interesting part of this novel. His inner monologue and insights into the motives and behaviors of the other characters, as well as his outside relationships and hobbies made him a well rounded character and the largest part of what I enjoyed most about this book. 

For me, this was an interesting story with characters that I found memorable. While I did not see it as intense of a murder mystery as I am used to seeing in the United States, it was still quite enjoyable. The authors are from outside of this country (Italy, I think), and this is the first of their books translated into English, though not the first book in this series. I did enjoy this book, primarily because I enjoyed reading about Inspector Bertᐟe, and would not mind learning more about his adventures. I would rate this book as a solid 3.5 stars

If you enjoy murder mysteries that take place in foreign countries as well as in historic locations, then I believe that you will likely enjoy this book. (Amazon Link)  (Books2go link to other vendors)

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