Monday, July 1, 2024

2040 by Robert Albo

Michael Knightsbridge was going nowhere in life. He lived off of government assistance programs and felt no drive to achieve anything more in his life. Then, after his twin brother sells their parents’ house and convinces Michael to move to California and move into his family's home. He even gives Michael a job at the lab where he works. But after an accident happens while Michael is working, his life takes a very different turn, and everything changes.

This was an interesting story set in the near future, where technology and Artificial intelligence plays an integral part in everyone's lives. In this story, we see both positive and negative possibilities for both. We also see how emotional intuition and responses can sometimes be as or more beneficial in the long run to simple logic. This story has a number of hidden (and not so hidden) themes running through it. Some of them deal with politics, technology, emotions, logic, kindness, cruelty, right and wrong, as well as a few others. All of this combined to create a story that turned out to be something quite different than I had expected.

I don't know if this is meant to be the first book in a series or a stand alone novel, but if it does ever have a sequel, I would be interested in seeing what happens to the characters next. If you enjoy speculative fiction, science fiction, stories involving Artificial intelligence, aliens, and humanity, then I think you should give this book a try. It may not have been what I was expecting, but it was something that I did enjoy reading. (Amazon Link) (Books2Go link to other Vendors)

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