Monday, June 24, 2024

Blood Thirsty by Chelsea Burton Dunn

Vampires and Werewolves have long been at war, each determined to wipe the others out. Witches have aligned with the Werewolves, While Chenja are allies with the Vampires, though due to their low population, the Chenja tend to stay out of the fighting as much as possible.  Ace is a vampire and has been monitoring Werewolf activity, as they are clearly up to something, but what it is, is something that no one was truly prepared for. Can they learn enough to prevent the planned ritual before it begins, or to stop it from being completed before it is too late?

The characters in this book are different from the Werewolves in Ms. Dunn’s Werewolf series (By Moonlight). I am uncertain If this series takes place in the same universe as the other or not, as this series takes place primarily in London rather than the United States, and may also be set in a slightly different time period. (I wasn't able to tell.)

This series is a bit darker than the By Moonlight series, but that should be expected when it appears to center around a Vampire/Werewolf war. Still, I did enjoy reading this book, even if my preference, at the moment, is for the By Moonlight series. But that won't keep me from continuing to read and enjoy this series as well.

I received a review copy of this book, and I did enjoy reading it. As I said above, it does seem a bit darker than the other books that I have read from this author, and it does include a fair amount of violence and some torture (though not graphic, it is clearly what is happening), and also includes some instances of abuse and sacrifice.

If you've enjoyed other books from this author, enjoy reading Vampire, Shifter, and Werewolf stories, then you are likely to enjoy this book as well. (Amazon link) (link to book on publisher's website) (Books2Go link for other Vendors)

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