Monday, January 15, 2018

"Judging by the Cover" by Dawn Doyle

This book was the story of two troubled young adults. Demi is in witness protection and hiding from her remaining family. She was the sole witness to the murder of her parents and brother. If she were to be killed there will be no way to convict those responsible, and they are desperate to find and eliminate her before their case can be brought to trial. She has been in protective custody for over a year and relocated several times already to try to keep her safe.

Jordan is haunted by the memory of his best friend and neighbor Gord’s death. Jordan had gone to a job interview and blames himself for not being there to save his friend’s life the day Gord died. When Demi and her guardians move into what used to be Gord’s house, Jordan is not ready to accept someone else living there and takes out his anger and frustration on Demi, who in return takes hers out on him.

Both Demi and Jordan are each dealing with issues that would leave anyone quite traumatized, and each of them must find a way to cope with their problems as well as learn to accept the other into their lives. No matter their personal feelings about each other, they will be neighbors and running into each other very often whether they wish to or not.

This is not a book meant for younger readers. There is some violence and a great deal of very descriptive sex within these pages. It is entirely appropriate to the plot of the story, and while there was quite a bit more rather descriptive encounters in the second half of the book than I generally prefer, I don’t believe this story could have been written nearly as well or effectively without them. This book was very well written & definitely kept my attention and interest. I found myself enjoying it much more than I had expected that I would.

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