Thursday, January 18, 2018

"Her Rocky Trail: Seeing Ranch Series" by Florence Linnington

Today’s book was a mail-order bride novel, though it differed a bit from most of the ones I have read. In this one, Kitty is on her way by train to meet the man she will be marrying in the town of Shallow Springs. Traveling with her is her younger sister who will be living with them. However before the train reaches town, it is attacked by robbers and Kitty’s younger sister Helen is kidnapped by the thieves.

Cyrus, who will be replacing the town’s retiring sheriff, was on his way to town to meet the train and the woman who had agreed to marry him when he noticed that the train had stopped on the tracks a short distance from the town. Detouring to investigate, he winds up helping to drive off the robbers attacking the train, but was not in time to prevent them from kidnapping a young woman as they escaped.

A small posse is quickly gathered from the male passengers on the train to go after the bandits in the hopes of rescuing Helen. Kitty, unwilling to leave her sister’s fate in the hands of others, follows the men and joins the posse rather than return to the safety of the town. Needless to say, a small group of men and one woman with no supplies and no food, attempting to track down a band of robbers to rescue a kidnapped girl are not in for an easy time, assuming they can even find those they are searching for before they are too late to save Helen.

While this book differed slightly from most of the mail-order bride stories I have read, it works very well. I started reading it too late in the day to finish it in only one sitting, and only a need to sleep convinced me to put it down overnight. This author is an excellent storyteller as well as a fantastic writer. I saw almost no typos in this book, making it a very quick and very enjoyable read. If you enjoy mail-order bride stories like I do, you really won’t want to miss out on reading this one. I highly recommend it.

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