Friday, January 5, 2018

"Secondhand Secrets - Miss Main Street: Book 1" (Previously titled “Tangled in Time”) by Angela Castillo

Let me start this review by explaining why I’ve listed two titles on this book. The author has rereleased the book under the title “Secondhand Secrets” (which is the title I found it listed as on Amazon), but at the time of my reading the book for review it was still listed as “Tangled in Time” on Goodreads. It is the same book, but until the listings are updated, you might need to look for it listed under the previous title in some stores.

This book starts out with a young woman returning to what had been her grandmother’s home in Texas. Her grandmother had passed away and left her antique shop to Darcy. As she returned to the small town that she had loved visiting and spending her summers at when she was growing up, Darcy finds herself remembering and rediscovering her love of small town life. She had grown up in L.A. and attended college there as well. She has chosen to leave behind a boyfriend who seems to view her more as a beautiful accessory than as her own person and to remain in the small Texas town of Wimber, fix up the store, and run it herself instead.

Now Darcy has to deal with another store owner who wants to buy her antique store and doesn’t seem willing to give up on trying to get her to sell it, reconnecting with old friends, a now ex-boyfriend who doesn’t seem ready to give her up, and the possibility of reconnecting with an old friend that at one time might have become something more. There is also the mystery of a locked closet in her grandmother’s house with a very solid door that she cannot find the key to open.

This was a very sweet and sentimental romance novel. The characters had realistic problems and reacted to things the way you would expect people to act. It was a nice, light read and I enjoyed it. There were a few typos here & there in the book, but the story was a good one. Between the possible growing romance between Darcy and Ramsey, the mystery of what is hidden behind the locked closet door, as well as trying to figure out why a successful clothing store owner was so determined to gain ownership of Darcy’s antique store and there was more than enough going on in this story to keep me reading. I believe this is the first book in what looks to be a promising series.

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