Saturday, April 21, 2018

"Her Silent Burden: Seeing Ranch Series"
by Florence Linnington

Theadora’s husband has died a mere three months into their marriage. While she can’t entirely mourn his loss (he was an abusive husband who treated her very poorly), she is now left with nothing as he had not even included her in his will. Very shortly she will no longer even have a place to live. In desperation, she decides to become a mail-order bride and to accept the first marriage proposal that comes her way.

Wakefield Briggs owns and runs a saloon in a small mining town in the Rocky mountains. His is the first, and only reply to Thea’a advertisement seeking a husband. Thea’s ad had stated that she was a widow who had only been married 3 months and that she had no children. Wakefield does not want children, and her lack of any was one of the reasons he had chosen to reply to her ad. Thea is very nervous about her decision to marry a man she knows nothing about, but not having any other options, she accepts his proposal, Her only hope is that he turns out to be nothing like her first husband.

Upon meeting each other, there is an immediate attraction between Thea & Wakefield. They are quickly married and all seems to be going quite well between them. The only real problem seems to be that Wakefield is far too overprotective of her. He doesn’t want her walking anywhere by herself, not even the short distance to visit the nearest neighbor. Clearly there is something behind this irrational behavior that he hasn’t told her, but the question is what could possibly worry him so much about her merely walking up the road by herself? And then Thea discovers that her first husband did in fact leave her with something after all... after only being married for no more than a few weeks to a man who has made it clear that he wants no children, she discovers that she was pregnant after all.

As with her previous books in this series, I truly enjoyed this tale. This story deals with the importance of trust and honesty between two people, especially when entering into a marriage where they have not known each other for very long. Without it, things rapidly begin to fall apart and are hard to put back together. I enjoyed reading this story, as I have the others in this series. There were a few more typos in this book than I am used to seeing from Ms. Linnington, but the story itself makes this book well worth reading.

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